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Put Your Life on the Table in Buckshot Roulette, Out Now on Steam

The high-stakes YouTube hit will introduce console editions and multiplayer later this year

NICOSIA, Cyprus April 4, 2024 – CRITICAL REFLEX and developer Mike Klubnika are excited to announce that Buckshot Roulette is now available on Steam for $2.99|£2.49|€2.99. The viral “Russian Roulette with shotguns” comes to Steam with new features including gamepad support, Steam achievements, additional languages, the original soundtrack and new items for the endless “Double or Nothing” mode.

Key Features

  • Shotgun Showdown: Experience the thrill of Russian roulette reimagined with the raw power of a 12-gauge shotgun. Challenge your opponent across three intense rounds and claim your victory or face the ultimate consequence.
  • Meet Your Match: Go head-to-head with The Dealer, playing the odds same as you. No tricks. Can you beat him at his own game?
  • Underground Vibes: Step into a shadowy underground nightclub, where the ambiance is charged with the vibrations of drum machines against cold metal railings.
  • Risk It All: Test your nerves in Double or Nothing mode. How long can you last when the rules are randomized and nothing is guaranteed?
  • New Items: Discover unique items introduced with the Steam version, a special treat to those already familiar with the game.

Buckshot Roulette’s Steam release today also includes language support for French, Italian, German, Spanish, Estonian, Ukrainian, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Turkish, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese and both Simplified and Traditional Chinese.

In the coming months, the team also plans to release Buckshot Roulette on consoles and introduce additional content and features, including the highly anticipated multiplayer game mode.

About Mike Klubnika

Mike Klubnika is an independent game developer based in Estonia. With a knack for sci-fi horror, Mike has spent the majority of their free time developing horror games that take place in alternate dystopias, attempting to immerse the player in handcrafted industrial environments through detailed mechanics and visual storytelling. Drawing inspiration from artists such as Boards Of Canada and Aphex Twin, Mike has also composed grungy backdrops that are featured in several of their games.


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