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Publisher Grindstone Confirms WASD Live 2024 Participation and Lineup

Four exciting new titles on show at this year’s event 

Košice, Slovak Republic – 18th April 2024. Indie publisher Grindstone is thrilled to announce its participation in this year’s WASD Live show, which will be held from April 25 to 27 at the Truman Brewery in London, UK. 

The Grindstone team will showcase four exciting new titles from their portfolio of upcoming games for attendees to try out. These captivating titles span a wide range of genres to satisfy all gamers. 

Grindstone’s WASD Live line up includes: 

Jötunnslayer Hordes of Hel. (PC) 

Embark on a hazardous quest through the dark realms of Norse mythology in this gripping roguelike horde arena survival game, boasting cutting-edge graphics and an immersive story arc. Select a fallen soul condemned to suffer in Helheim and wield your blade against legions of foes in a relentless quest for redemption. In this desolate domain, divine blessings are scarce, earned only through the spilling of rivers of blood. Navigate through the hostile realms of the Norse underworld, invoking mighty bosses through ancient rituals only to sever their heads in pursuit of salvation. 

Watch the Jötunnslayer Hordes of Hel announcement trailer below:

Master your skills for the final exhilarating massacre of all enemies that stand before you! Will you emerge as the chosen one, favoured by the Gods, and ascend to the legendary Halls of Valhalla? 

Die by the Blade (PC, Consoles) 

Die by the Blade is a 1v1 weapons-focused fighter where the difference between victory and death lies in a single strike of the blade. Choose your weapon and character combination freely to define your move set, then do battle in neon-soaked back alleys and ancient forests. Take up arms and crush your friends in local or online multiplayer, or test your skills against unknown warriors in online ranked matches.

Watch the latest Die by the Blade gameplay trailer below: 

Die by the Blade is a game with no health bars — every strike can mean death. Victory in these tense, all-or-nothing matches will depend on your ability to read your opponent, parry and avoid their attacks, and exploit their mistakes at a moment’s notice. There is no room for error.

Preserve (PC) 

Preserve is a puzzle nature-building game that takes players on a journey into a harmonious ecosystem. The objective is to foster and sustain a thriving and diverse biome, where each component coexists in symbiotic harmony. By utilizing strategic thinking and a keen eye for balance, players are granted the power to position a wide array of plants and animals, curating an environment that caters to their preferences and aspirations.

Watch the Preserve announcement trailer below:

In Preserve, you can expand the map not only horizontally, but you also possess the ability to stack layers of nature, forming a vertical network of interconnected habitats.

The House of Tesla (PC, Consoles, Mobile) 

The House of Tesla, is an exciting new adventure game from the creators of the best-selling multiplatform 3D puzzle trilogy The House of Da Vinci. Journey through a brand new adventure filled with handcrafted puzzles, hauntingly beautiful locations and challenges for your brain’s grey matter. Explore the world through the eyes of one of the most famous inventors, the father of electricity, the man behind alternating current, the science wizard, Nikola Tesla.

Watch The House of Tesla announcement trailer below: 

Explore the eerie abandoned industrial buildings of Nikola Tesla’s most ambitious facility in Wardenclyffe, which was meant to become an important city where the future is today, and every societal process is improved upon by the principles of free wireless electrical energy. Through the eyes of the man himself you’ll watch the important moments that lead to the construction and later to the fall of the famous Wardenclyffe Tower, and slowly uncover the mystery that left you stranded among deserted machines. 

These exciting titles can be found on the Grindstone stand at WASD, located in the T2 Playable Hall – stand T2.5

About Grindstone 

Grindstone is a videogame production and publishing company with a strong background in game development based in Slovakia. It was founded in 2017 as a spin-off from the well-established Slovakian development studio Games Farm to create new opportunities and support game developers in delivering creatively and commercially viable games that can compete on global markets.