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KingsIsle Announces Ravenwood Academy: A Wizard101 Story, A Single-Player Prequel to Wizard101

Cross paths with iconic Wizard101 characters and witness their origin stories in upcoming life sim and visual novel

Round Rock, Texas (April 11, 2024) – KingsIsle Entertainment – the development team behind critically acclaimed free-to-play MMORPGs Wizard101 and Pirate101 – is excited to announce its very first single-player game, Ravenwood Academy: A Wizard101 Story. Coming to Windows PC via Steam, the narrative life sim and visual novel is a prequel set in the same Spiral setting as Wizard101.

In Ravenwood Academy, players will don their robes and raise their wands as students at the titular school, a beloved setting from Wizard101. Across each in-game day – split into four time slots – players must balance a busy class schedule with extracurricular hijinks such as investigating magical mysteries, completing a variety of fun mini-games, and building relationships with students and teachers – including with past versions of some familiar faces from Wizard101

Watch the Ravenwood Academy: A Wizard101 Story reveal trailer here:

At times, Ravenwood Academy players will swap their wizard hats to become problem-solvers, detectives, and even pseudo-lawyers! The game’s main narrative is driven by Crisis Incidents, Investigation Scenes, and Trials. 

When an incident occurs on campus, it is up to you and your friends to search for clues and interview witnesses, culminating in faculty hearings with options to present evidence depending on the choices you’ve made along the way. Will you save a friend accused of misdeeds or use the gathered information to save yourself? Multiple ending scenes will be based on the outcome of the trials, who you have befriended, and other decisions you make during your semester at Ravenwood Academy.

The Spiral is made better with friends, and relationship-building is a core objective of Ravenwood Academy. Progress through the storyline with potential friends, encountering various tests, obstacles, and branching dialogue options that can influence your relationships. Earn trust to grow your relationships and unlock optional scenes. Through player actions, spurned friends may turn into rivals, while friendships with a high enough relationship level can, if you choose, turn into budding romances!

Key Features of Ravenwood Academy:

  • Foster Relationships: Interact and create connections with diverse characters as you navigate your new school. Who you deem friend or foe will impact your story and unlock special scenes and branching dialogue options. Choose carefully – you won’t have the time or ability to build relationships with everyone you want to.
  • Choose Your Path: Decide what activities are most meaningful to you and see how your decisions impact your outcomes. Will you go to the dance or investigate a mystery? Will you hang out with Dalia Falmea or study for a quiz with Halston Balestrom? Choices that may seem small can potentially have large ripple effects.
  • Investigate Strange Incidents: Search for clues and interview witnesses when crises unfold at the academy. During your investigation, you might find that not everyone is who they seem to be.
  • Test Yourself with Trials: Plead your case during faculty disciplinary hearings and present evidence through dialogue options. Sometimes you’ll be saving a friend accused of misdeeds, while other times you might be trying to save your own hide!
  • See a Different Side of the Spiral: Get a glimpse into Ravenwood Academy before the events of Wizard101. Meet and befriend familiar faces, discover untold backstories, and dive into the Spiral’s lore in a whole new way.

Ravenwood Academy: A Wizard101 Story will be coming to Windows PC via Steam.

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