The Legendary Franchise Enters the Roguelite Genre, Now Available For Wishlist on Steam

Sydney, Australia – April 11, 2024 – Today, during the Triple-I Initiative Livestream, Ubisoft & partnering studio Evil Empire announced The Rogue Prince of Persia™, a 2D action-platforming roguelite game. The Rogue Prince of Persia™ will release in Early Access on Steam on May 14, 2024.

The Rogue Prince of Persia is set in a fictional rendition of Ctesiphon, the capital of the Persian Empire. The city faces invasion by the Hun’s army of possessed soldiers, led by the malevolent Hun chief, Nogai. Players will embody the Prince, who was gifted with a mystical bola that resurrects him each time he dies. This magical artifact has let him take huge risks to perfect the skills of acrobatics & combat in his youth, moulding him into a formidable warrior. Attempt after attempt, players must help the Prince explore different biomes, master new weapons, equip new trinkets, upgrade his gears at the Oasis and rally his allies to save the city from destruction.

To master the platforming sections, players will have to use the iconic wall run, allowing them to easily cross gaps, avoid traps and outmanoeuvre enemies. From the aqueduct to the grand academy, by way of the wild gardens, the Prince must use all his acrobatic skills to safely find a route through procedurally generated levels made of a variety of colourful biomes, inspired by Persian architecture. On top of all the environmental hazards players will have to deal with, they must fight through various enemies, both Huns wielding the dark shamanic magic and creatures corrupted by its influence. Plenty of options are available, to suit all playstyles, from twin daggers to spears, broad swords, and axes. Secondary weapons open the combat even further, with a choice of shields, bows, grappling hooks and more! Using these in combination with the wall run, shoulder vault, kick and stomp makes the Prince a formidable warrior, also making each run completely unique.

The game’s soundtrack is produced and composed by ASADI, a Persian-American Electronic Music Producer and Performance Artist. His talent and creativity will immerse players into a modern and epic vision of Persian folklore. The Rogue Prince of Persia’s Original Soundtrack is a fusion between traditional and modern sonorities, with rhythms supporting the moves and flow of the Prince.

Evil Empire studio benefits from a solid experience of 2D action-platforming roguelites. Wanting to start a brand-new project, they approached Ubisoft with their own take on the Prince of Persia brand, well known for its innovative spirit and gameplay masterclass. Ubisoft, as the publisher, and Evil Empire, as the developer, chose to release the game in Early Access on Steam, to work with the community and make the best game possible with the players, using the existing polished heart as a base. As time passes, players can expect new levels, bosses, weapons, enemies and upgrades to arrive, as well as additions based on community feedback. As of now the story has a hard stop in-game, but more will come!

About The Rogue Prince of Persia

The Rogue Prince of PersiaTM is a 2D fast-paced action-platforming roguelite, developed by Evil Empire and published by Ubisoft releasing in Early Access on Steam May 14, 2024 before releasing on other platforms at a later point, with Ubisoft Connect’s features. Join an engaged community, interact directly with the dev team to create the best possible game experience and enjoy regular content updates. Guide The Prince on his quest for redemption and to save his people of Ctesiphon from the Huns, masters of shamanic magic. Only by questioning his own behavior, trying new paths and new build for each run and with the support of those closest to him, can he find the solution that will save his kingdom and prove his worth to his family.

About Evil Empire

Evil Empire is a French independent studio that cut its teeth on post-launch content for Dead Cells over 5 years. Today, the studio employs 70 people well-versed in creating live-ops content hand-in-hand with the players and is preparing to release The Rogue Prince of Persia TM into Early Access on Steam. To learn more, please visit www.evilempriestudio.com

About Ubisoft

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