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Developer Walkthrough Video Reveals Thrilling New Gameplay for ESDigital Games Upcoming Dark Sci-fi Fantasy Game Steel Seed

Check out Storm in a Teacup’s new stealth action-adventure with brand new deep dive content video

Limassol, Cyprus—23rd March 2024. Publisher ESDigital Games and developer Storm in a Teacup have today revealed a deep dive walkthrough video for the exciting and highly anticipated stealth action-adventure game Steel Seed.

Coming to PC via Steam and Epic Games Store, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S in late 2024, Steel Seed will take you on a journey through a dark sci-fi world where humanity is on the brink of extinction due to seemingly irreparable climate change, and where a hostile, underground facility may hold the secret to mankind’s survival. Join protagonist Zoe and her flying drone companion, KOBY, as they are sent to investigate the depths of the facility to unlock the secrets hidden deep within and survive the AI threats positioned there to guard them. 

Steel Seed has recently been participating in various events as part of the London Games Festival, as part of the London Games Festival Official Selection in the International Innovators category. As part of this exciting opportunity, developer Storm in a Teacup has created an in-depth new video walking fans through the mysterious and dangerous facility and introducing some of the exciting mechanics, including using stealth, modular upgrades, exploration and hidden areas, combat and taking remote control of KOBY and its special abilities. 

Watch the new Steel Seed Developer Walkthrough video here 

Steel Seed will also participate in WASD Live this week as part of the Games London area in the T2 Zone, booths T2.2-T2.3. Fans attending can be among the first to get hands-on with this thrilling new title and join Zoe and KOBY on their perilous journey. 

Steel Seed features: 

  • Immersive, dark sci-fi world – intriguing main character evolution paired with a compelling and deep narrative experience revised and edited by BAFTA-winning writer Martin Korda. 
  • Stealth: the art of fighting, without fighting  –  Use stealth-based techniques to explore the facility’s hostile environment undetected by robotic entities and guards. Some confrontations can be avoided through efficient movement. 
  • Dynamic gameplay – When exploring the environment, use Zoe’s powerful arsenal of tools and weapons to hone your own gameplay style. Discover new gadgets on your journey and unlock new skills for KOBY. 
  • Intense combat –  Test your reflexes and multitasking abilities in Steel Seed’s challenging fast-paced combat action. Dodge enemy attacks and deliver punishing blows to clear the path. Call on KOBY’s special gadgets and actions to cover you in combat and neutralise threats.
  • Unique levels, unique challenges – Every level inside the facility is unique and offers many challenges for Zoe and KOBY to overcome. 
  • Mobility –  Use Zoe’s parkour skills to traverse the underground facility and gain a tactical advantage. From the artificial, robot-controlled depths to the open natural environment, danger lurks around every corner. 
  • A powerful guide – Take control of KOBY by entering Flight Mode. Scan the area to discover secret areas, detect enemy positions, and find new upgrades for Zoe. Or maybe… use him as bait.
  • KOBY, a drone for life – The master key of Steel Seed and Zoe’s guide on her lonely and dangerous journey inside the underground facility. By working together, they create a formidable duo and bring something new to every fight. 

Steel Seed is developed by Storm in a Teacup, and will be published by ESDigital Games on PC via Steam and EGS, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S in late 2024.


About ESDigital Games

ESDigital Games is a global video games publishing company specializing in premium indie and mid-core games for both PC as well as consoles. ESDigital Games portfolio includes the 80s-themed point-and-click adventure Unusual Findings, the tactical card combat game Deck of Ashes, the Early Access release of roguelike action RPG Scholar of the Arcane Arts and the release of the action beat ‘em up 9 Monkeys of Shaolin. Their upcoming releases include twin-stick shooter REMEDIUM, RTS tower defense and match-3 mechanics title Cats on Duty, 3D action RPG game Awaken – Astral Blade, complex alchemy RPG Battlejuice Alchemist, and the story-driven sci-fi adventure Sky of Tides as well as new unannounced titles in development. 


Storm in a Teacup was created by industry veteran Carlo Ivo Alimo Bianchi in 2013, with the aim of developing only the finest experiences in the video game industry. With a unique art style and a skilled international team, STC has published four titles in 6 years for Xbox One, PS4, SWITCH, PC and PC VR. 

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