An Escalation Of War – Arena Breakout S4 Out Now

Discover A Refreshed Valley Map And Expanded Weapons Arsenal As Tensions Between Warring Factions Rise Within The Dark Zone And The Search For Bruce Lee Begins

APRIL 11, 2024 – Global game developer MoreFun Studios, a subsidiary of Tencent Games, has announced that Arena Breakout’s Season 4 “Into The Fog Of War” update is now available to download for Android and iOS mobile devices. Tensions between Blackgold and Gresk have reached an all-time high. An assault breaks out between the two factions in Northridge over a mysterious scientist that once worked in a top secret underground lab beneath the TV station. As ally Randall Fisher and bosses Fred and Porrero wage war, experience new large-scale 12v12 faction battles and determine how best to turn a profit amidst the seething conflict.

“Everybody into positions – all according to plan,” says the hooded boss Fred, leader of Gresk. “Let the fun begin!”

While the clash between Blackgold and Gresk escalates, war in the Valley map expands to include the new Norteño Court construction by the RV Camp and revamped versions of the Small Factory in the north and the Port in the south. The map remains most suitable for mid to long-range weapons like the AK-102 and M4 assault rifles. Beware of snipers by the cliffs!

Speaking of weapons, new guns have also been imported into the Dark Zone courtesy of overseas benefactors. These include the T951 and T03 assault rifles made for all-purpose warfare and the Bizon and TS5 submachine guns designed for up close and personal confrontation. Of course, players are free to modify these firearms with high, medium, low and multi-grade materials and a variety of accessories depending on the battlefield’s changing conditions.

Additionally, legendary martial artist Bruce Lee has delivered a message to the combatants of Kamona via signed postcards scattered throughout the region. Collect them all and escape the Dark Zone alive to claim the glory, or die and risk letting them fall into enemy hands. Players decide how Little Dragon’s wisdom will leave a lasting mark on the arena.

Kamona’s civil war rages on. What will you be fighting for? Arena Breakout’s Season 4 update is now available on iOS and Android devices. Arena Breakout is a free-to-play next-gen immersive tactical FPS and a first-of-its-kind extraction looter shooter that pushes the limits of war simulation on mobile. Follow the game’s social channels and visit its official website for new updates and more information.

About MoreFun Studios

MoreFun Studios Group, a subsidiary of Tencent Games, was established in 2010,  and has developed a number of projects with world-renowned intellectual property such as Naruto and Rock Kingdom. MoreFun has the experience of working on a wide variety of genres including action, shooter, RPG, casual, and more. MoreFun Studios Group is committed to delivering quality content and experiences to its players across the globe.

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