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4/20 Celebrations in GTA Online: Free Themed Dress, Short Trips Rewards, Replenished Snacks, and More

Celebrate 4/20 With Double Bonuses on Short Trips and Biker Business SalesGet 2X GTA$ for Supplying Street Dealers, Double Rewards on Lamar Contact Missions, and More

A cloud of pungent smoke hangs over Southern San Andreas. Keep the locals lifted by supplying Street Dealers, offloading high-grade product to buyers in Biker Sell Missions, and helping Lamar Davis set up LD Organics in Short Trips — all for Double Rewards through April 24. Plus, keep it green by accessorizing with 4/20-themed freebies, and more.

Get 2X GTA$ and RP on Short Trips

Embark on a surreal experience helping Lamar and Franklin lay down the groundwork for LD Organics, Lamar’s above-board weed business in Short Trips. Jump straight into the action by bringing up your iFruit and navigating to Quick Join > Contact Missions > Short Trip. For taking part, you’ll earn 2X GTA$ and RP through April 24.

Biker Bonuses

While some of the product in circulation is legal, there’s also lots to move on the black market. Offload the harder stuff onto awaiting buyers in Biker Sell Missions to receive double the usual GTA$ and RP.

Street cred isn’t easily earned, but Motorcycle Club Work will dish out Double Rewards to those willing to take part in MC Clubhouse Work, Challenges,and Contracts throughout the week. These benefits stack for GTA+ Members, resulting in 4X GTA$ and RP. Fetching beer and spirits to refill the shelves in Bar Resupply will also score you Double Rewards through April 24.

Biker Clubhouses and Businesses are all 30% off, as are their Upgrades and Modifications — if ever there was a time to join a gang of degenerate leather-clad hustlers, it’s now.

Supply Street Dealers to Get 2X GTA$

The price of flower is spiking in tandem with binge-watching trends and marathon gaming sessions citywide. Become the plug by locating and supplying local Street Dealers with Weed grown under the lights of your MC Club’s Weed Farm to earn 2X GTA$.

Engage In Criminal Activities to Earn Black and White High Brass Tees

Successfully completing a single Biker Business Sell Mission (including Weed sales) will grant you the White High Brass Tee. Meanwhile, completing any Short Trip gets you the Black High Brass Tee.

Earn GTA$100K in Biker Business Sales for the Black 4/20 Cap

Flood the black market by selling over GTA$100,000 worth of product in Biker Business Sales to complete the Weekly Challenge and you’ll be rewarded with an extra GTA$100,000 and the 4/20 Cap.

Stuff Your Face with Free Snacks

Satisfy your munchies with P’s and Q’s, Sprunk, and other Snacks, all automatically replenished upon logging in to play this week. 

Get the Green 4/20 Dress 

Play GTA Online anytime this week to get the Green 4/20 Dress.

Get the Coil Earth Day Tee
Play GTA Online anytime this week to receive the Coil Earth Day Tee and proclaim your eco-friendly bona fides louder than ever.

Bonuses on Lamar Contact Missions

While his entrepreneurial ambitions are sky-high, LD earned his reputation as one of Los Santos’ pre-eminent stick-up artists. Pick up your iFruit or visit Lamar to take on Lamar Contact Missions — including Lowriders — and pull down 2X GTA$ and 4X RP through April 24.

Premium Deluxe Motorsport Showroom

In honor of Earth Day, Simeon Yetarian’s rounded up some of his favorite electric vehicles in the Premium Deluxe Motorsport showroom to help offset your car collection’s carbon footprint:

  • Överflöd Imorgon (Sports)
  • Coil Raiden (Sports, 40% off)
  • Coil Voltic (Super)
  • Penaud La Coureuse (Sports, 30% off)
  • Obey Omnis e-GT (Sports, 40% off)

Luxury Autos Showroom and More…

Get a glimpse of the fast life: pull up to the curb of the Luxury Autos showroom window and gawk at the Declasse Impaler LX (Muscle) and Karin Asterope GZ (Sedan) behind the glass.

Hao’s determined to prove that hybrids don’t have to sacrifice form or function. His latest Premium Test Ride bears this theory out: the Coil Cyclone II (Super, 30% off) on display at Hao’s Special Works is outfitted with a HSW Upgrade kit and dipped in Chameleon Paint.

Place Top 4 in the LS Car Meet Series for four days in a row to win the Dewbauchee JB 700W (Sports Classic) — an iconic grand tourer synonymous with mid-century elegance and luxury.

Even the Test Track inside the LS Car Meet is getting in on the eco-friendly trend, allowing members to test out an eclectic trio of electric vehicles in Scrambles, Time Trials, and freestyle driving, all at no personal cost:

  • Pegassi Tezeract (Super)
  • Obey I-Wagen (SUV)
  • Pfister Neon (Sports)

Spin the Lucky Wheel in the lobby of The Diamond Casino & Resort to take your chances at winning this week’s jackpot: the Invetero Coquette D10 (Sports).

Salvage Yard Robbery Targets: Canis Kamacho (Off-Road)| Übermacht Cypher (Sports) | Grotti Furia (Super)

2X GTA$ and RP on Overtime Rumble

Glide, parachute, and use the heft of your Ruiner 2000 to jostle and win prime position in Overtime Rumble to earn 2X GTA$ and RP.

GTA+ Members receive an additional GTA$1,000,000 bonus every month from April through August that is automatically deposited alongside the standard GTA$500,000 into their Maze Bank account. Now through May 1 you can also claim:

  • Free Progen Itali GTB (Super)
  • Fooligan Tee and Vest, Coil Cyclone Tee, Black Los Santos Cap
  • New Chameleon Paints
  • 2X GTA$ and RP on MC Club Work, Challenges, and Clubhouse Contracts — boosted to 4X Rewards during this week’s event

Visit the GTA+ website for full details.


  • Biker Clubhouse Properties, Upgrades and Modifications – 30% off
  • Biker Businesses and Business Upgrades – 30% off
  • Motorcycle Club Abilities – FREE
  • Western Powersurge (Motorcycle) – 30% off
  • Nagasaki Chimera (Motorcycle) – 30% off
  • Western Zombie Chopper (Motorcycle) – 30% off
  • Coil Raiden (Sports) – 40% off
  • Obey Omnis e-GT (Sports) – 40% off
  • Penaud La Coureuse (Sports) – 30% off
  • Obey I-Wagen (SUV) – 30% off
  • Coil Cyclone II (Super) – 30% off

Gun Van Inventory and Discounts

Battle Axe | Railgun | Grenade Launcher (40% off for GTA+ Members) | RPG (30% off) | Widowmaker | Battle Rifle | Grenades | Sticky Bombs | Molotovs | Armor