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Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition – Gameplay

Join us in the first two hours of Forbidden West as we rummage through the ruins of the ancient world for resources, fight new enemies, meet new friends and explore new areas in the search for the elusive West.

Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition – Gameplay

Aloy is back in the Burning Shores expansion as she hunts for one of the most dangerous members of Far Zenith organization, get her hands on a peculiar new weapon called Specter Gauntlet and we even manage to tame a new kind of flying mount and go toe to toe with an acid spewing toad-like machine called Bilegut!

Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition – Burning Shores – Gameplay

Experience the epic Horizon Forbidden West™ in its entirety with bonus content and the Burning Shores expansion included. The Burning Shores add-on contains additional content for Aloy’s adventure, including new storylines, characters, and experiences in a stunning yet hazardous new area.

Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition
Developer: Guerrilla, Nixxes Software
Publisher: PlayStation PC LLC
Platform: Windows
Release Date: 22 Mar, 2024
Price: $59.99 USD

Available here – https://www.playstation.com/en-gb/horizon/


Recommended – “A stellar sequel to an already amazing game that expands on the story and the gameplay, with one of the most finely-tuned PC ports in the last decade. A genuine treat when it comes to replay value and visuals.”

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