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RIPOUT’s New Monstrous Update Launches Today on Steam

Space just got a lot more dangerous with a deadly new mutant and mission type to survive!

AALBORG, Denmark Feb. 23, 2024 – 3D Realms and Pet Project Games are back in the lab with RIPOUT‘s latest content drop, the Monstrous Update, available today on Steam. This update adds even more surprises for the online co-op horror shooter, featuring a dangerous new creature to take down, a powerful new sidearm for your arsenal, and a new mission type to overcome.

The Monstrous Update introduces the Bulwark, a new monstrosity which provides cover for enemies and advances on you with a shield – wait until he takes out his minigun before taking him down! The update also features a new mission type: Recycle Bin. This latest challenge will have you clear incoming bio-canisters fed into the main recycle bin. Act fast because if you don’t clear enough canisters, the recycler will explode! To help defend yourself, today’s update also adds the Buckshot, a new shotgun-style sidearm to blast enemies at close range.

To round out these exciting additions, the Monstrous Update also includes various audio improvements, optimizations, new weapon-fire animations, and hotfixes. Check out the latest patch notes here.

RIPOUT is a co-op horror FPS where you’ll journey through derelict spaceships, battle mutant monstrosities, and complete various missions searching for the last remaining bastion of humanity. Harness the power of your trusty biomechanical Pet Gun and gain a tactical advantage by ripping weaponry off of enemies to use on your own.

RIPOUT is out now in Steam Early Access with a special 25% discount available until March 1. For more information, visit http://ripoutgame.com, follow the game on Twitter, and join the official Discord community.

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About Pet Project Games Pet Project Games is an indie video game company founded in January 2020. It consists of seasoned developers that have many years of experience in the gaming industry, developing multiple projects together. While working on these projects, they realized they could take the gaming experience to the next level and offer a new game. As passionate gamers and fans of classic video games, they are developing RIPOUT, their most ambitious project to date.