Level Zero: Extraction Blends Alien Horror, Survival, Immersive FPS Combat & High-Stakes Extraction, Launching on PC in 2024

Steam Closed Beta Kicks Off March 15

SEATTLEFeb. 21, 2024 – Publisher tinyBuild and developer DogHowl Games today announced that Level Zero: Extraction, the upcoming first-person multiplayer extraction horror game previously known as Level Zero, will conduct a closed beta test on Steam starting March 15, 2024. A brand-new gameplay trailer has also been revealed, highlighting its unique gameplay formula blending sci-fi survival horror with the thrill of high-stakes extraction shooters.

Developed in Unreal Engine 5 by small but ambitious Ukraine-based studio DogHowl Games, Level Zero: Extraction is a new, original take on multiplayer survival horror. Players will embark on dangerous scavenging expeditions where three teams of up to three mercenaries compete for valuable loot. Meanwhile, another two players will take on the role of deadly alien monsters, hunting the humans from the shadows.

Key Pillars:

  • Asymmetric multiplayer extraction horror is a new take on the genre to create a totally unique experience
  • Play as human mercenaries fighting over valuable loot – or as deadly alien monsters in high-stakes PvPvE battles
  • Immersive first-person combat with realistic gunplay and melee mechanics, as well as health, animation, and movement systems
  • Vast arsenal of weapons and gadgets to help humans survive: rifles, shotguns, flamethrowers, nail guns, pistols, grenades, mines, motion sensors, traps, remote controls, flares, hammers, machetes, and more
  • Hunt humans with out-of-this-world alien abilities, including acid spit, live traps, vent crawling, EMP screams, heartbeat scans, and more
  • Deep progression system with dozens of new perks, items, and weapon attachments to unlock
  • Aliens can only be killed with light – this distinct gameplay mechanic allows humans to strategically use light sources across the map to stave off monsters

Level Zero: Extraction launches into Steam Early Access in 2024, but you can get an early taste of the action during closed beta starting March 15. Wishlist the game on Steam and follow along on Twitter to stay up to date with all the latest announcements.

About tinyBuild

tinyBuild started as an indie game developer and morphed into a developer-publisher you can’t miss. The company’s dedication to creating long-term partnerships and elevating recognizable franchises has resulted in many successful collaborations with talented developers from all over the world. The company has released dozens of games, including Hello Neighbor, Graveyard Keeper, SpeedRunners, and more. Although headquartered in the Seattle Area, USA, the company has established a strong global presence with studios across the US, Netherlands, Latvia, and Eastern Europe.

About DogHowl Games

DogHowl Games is a Ukraine-based independent game development team following the dream to create truly unforgettable gaming experiences. As a small yet talented crew, DogHowl creates rich and detailed worlds with cinematic flair, held together with creative new game mechanics. The studio’s debut title, Level Zero: Extraction, releases on Steam in 2024.