KartRider Rush+ players can conquer endless dunes with new desert-themed Karts and racers

SEOUL – Feb. 22, 2023 – Nexon’s high-speed mobile racing game KartRider Rush+ beckons players to blaze a trail through desert heat in the sun-scorched Season 24 update “Desert Journey.” Players can take the wheel with new racers Aria, Desert Explorer Ethen and Silk Road Diz on heart-pounding circuits, including “Musty Mains (Desert),” “Sand Pit (Desert) and “Skull Castle (Tomb).”

For the rookie racer or seasoned pro, KartRider Rush+ offers a pit stop for everyone with an array of game modes and a delightful cast of characters to keep drivers in the fast lane. Racers can unleash their creativity by customizing their karts and characters for a uniquely thrilling race experience. With imaginative tracks, easy-to-master gameplay, and vibrant graphics, KartRider Rush+ promises endless excitement on the go.

Players who join the race will experience:

  • Powerful Highlight Karts – “Desert Journey” hauls in lightning-fast highlight Karts, “Dark Knight Exemplar” and “White Knight Exemplar,” to keep players in the fast lane. Each Kart includes Acceleration 3.0, which preserves certain gauges when Acceleration is active and allows players to choose their favorite color to ride in.
  • Thrilling “Desert Journey” Themed Additions – Racers can prepare for the ultimate victory lap with new desert-themed karts “Horus,” “Desert King,” “Graffiti,” and “Typhoon.”
  • “Delivery Dash” Improved and a New Tuning Kart – Ranked Mode’s “Delivery Dash” will be available at all times during the season. Furthermore, “Potential-Tune,” the second Tuning Kart, can be acquired with Coin items that are obtained by completing missions in Delivery Dash.
  • Celebratory Events – In celebration of the 24th season, Nexon is hosting a “Desert Warm Up!” event until Thursday, Feb. 29. Players can also obtain various rewards such as “Oret Headgear,” “Search Light Balloon” and more based on login and Ranked Mode participation. In addition, players can trade in Adventure Coins earned by participating in the “Survive the Desert” event for “Typhoon (Legendary Speed Kart),” “Turbo Crystal,” “Mysterious Desert Frame,” “Desert Explorer Title” and more until Sunday, April 14.

Players around the world can download KartRider Rush+ for free on Android and iOS. More information on KartRider Rush+ Season 24 “Desert Journey” update is available below:

  • Official KartRider Rush+ Website: [LINK]

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