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Feline Arena Fighter “Nyaaaanvy” Pounces onto PC and Switch Today

TOKYO – Feb 22, 2024 – Nyaaaanvy, the physics-based 3D catplatform fighter starring kitten combatants from publisher Phoenixx and developer Team DigitalMind, launches on PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch today.

Fight as cute catlike creatures called “Nyanvy” as they wiggle and smack each other off ludicrous stages in physics-based combat. Engage in paw-to-paw battles to wear opponents down – the more damage they take, the farther they fly – then fling these fiendish furballs offstage. Remain the last cat standing across a variety of absurd arenas.

Pounce at enemies on top of a moving bus, across moving conveyor belts, or bouncing around in an old-school jungle gym. Deftly maneuver around obstacles while scooping up items, including randomly-appearing tuna cans for health and power boosts.

String together the perfect combo with directional attacks, knocking foes into obstacles to whisk them away. Unleash side-to-side attacks, launch enemies upward, or jump then strike for a powerful downward pounce. Practice combos before the catfight by warming up in the pre-game training area to hone movement and offensive skills ahead of time.

Create a ferocious fighter and climb the ranks of arcade mode, or fight endless waves of kitties in survival mode. Face off against a clutter of friends in 4-player local multiplayer, and up the ante in both six-playter skirmishes and one-on-one rating matches in online mode.

Curate the coolest cat on the block with a plethora of appearance options including fur color choices, body patterns, eye colors, and whisker types. Then, add the purr-fect  touch of pizzazz with accessories like bows, mustaches, top hats, eye patches and more.

Today is National Cat Day in Japan, and we wanted to celebrate it by releasing Nyaaaanvy!” said RRR, member of Team DigitalMind. “Just like cats, physics-based fighters are known for their unpredictability, so we look forward to both surprising and delighting players with Nyaaaanvy.”

Nyaaaanvy is out now on PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch with language options in English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Japanese. For more information, follow Phoenixx on Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram

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