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Charming 3D Catform Fighter “Nyaaaanvy” Brings Feline Fisticuffs onto PC and Switch  Feb 22nd 

TOKYO – Feb 15th, 2024Nyaaaanvy, the physics-based 3D catplatform fighter starring fluffy feline fighters from publisher Phoenixx and developer Team DigitalMind, picks a (cat) fight on PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch on Thursday, February 22nd, 2024.

Battle a clutter of cute, cat-like creatures known as Nyanvies. Flail their wiggly slinky-like bodies to attack fellow formidable felines, and rack up enough damage to send opponents careening off stage across a variety of wacky arenas. 

Sling Nyanvy hind legs side-to-side for horizontal attacks, uppercut-butt kitties skyward with rising strikes, or pounce downward with descending blows. As damage percentage increases, so does knockback — combo contenders into a daze, and then send them flying into the unknown to remain the last kitty standing.

Twist, curl, and jump around a variety of hairbrained locations like atop a moving bus, an apartment rooftop, an old-school jungle gym, and across moving conveyor belts. Dodge moving obstacles to avoid being whisked off-stage, and race towards randomly-spawning fish and tuna cans that boost health and attack power.

Cat-stomize the purr-fect Nyanvy companion for their moment in the spotlight with dozens of different body patterns, eye colors, fur colors, ear and whisker types. Show off some cool-cat personality with fancy accessories like hair bows, mustaches, halos, top hats, eyepatches, and more. 

Earn stripes in arcade mode, face an endless supply of enemies in survival mode, or engage in comical combat with up to four-player local multiplayer and six-player online skirmishes. Get a solo workout in training mode where curious kittens can get their kicks in practice areas before going paw-to-paw in rating matches. 

“Nyaaaanvy is a whacky adventure for those looking to engage in feline fisticuffs, and the cutest platform fighter we’ve ever seen” said RRR, member of Team DigitalMind.  “Fighters can get creative with their cat-like creations and spend nine lives worth of playtime perfecting their style in the ring.”

Nyaaaanvy arrives on Nintendo Switch and wiggles out of Early Access into 1.0 on Steam for PC on Thursday, February 22nd, 2024 with language options in English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, and Japanese. For more information, follow Phoenixx on Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram

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