Demo available now during Steam Next Fest

Sydney, Australia – 6th February 2024 – Captains log: time to boldly countdown to our voyage into the unknown. Broadside Games and Ravenscourt are pleased to reveal Bears in Space will be launching 22nd March 2024, on PC via Steam and Epic Games Store. For a glimpse into the nuts and bolts of the game check out the brand-new gameplay trailer.


In Bears in Space, dive headfirst into hordes of oil-thirsty robots as you embody Maxwell Atoms, a Spacetronaut turned extra-terrestrial castaway, whose DNA has been merged with Beartana, the She-Bear.

Embark on a zany and humorous out-of-this-world adventure, created by a team of three Australian friends, that will have you blasting your way across exciting and varied locations, from wastelands and space carnivals to ancient hidden temples and more, as you quest to find your way back to earth and if there’s time, save your crew. Let the chaos unfold and the bullets fly; it’s Bear vs. Robot time!

Players can get their paws on the new demo for Bears in Space now, during Steam Nest Fest (from 10am PT 5th February to 10am PT 12th February). The demo isn’t just facing off against hordes of your robo-foes. Players will be able to bite into; a boss fight with the Kraken, seven side missions and minigames BasketCube and Bearjira. It will also allow players to get their paws on a plethora of in-game weapons from the SFG to Propeller Hat, and more!

Join Broadside on Discord to share your beary favourite in-game puns and demo adventures at https://discord.gg/KgAfHbjQrn.

Steam Next Fest: February 2024 Edition is a multi-day celebration where fans can try out demos, chat with developers, watch live streams, and learn about upcoming games on Steam, and will be running from 10am PT 5th February to 10am PT 12th February.

Bears in Space is an action-packed, bullet-hell First Person Shooter Adventure, coming to PC via Steam and Epic Games Store on March 22nd, 2024 for $29.95 AUD.

Wishlist Bears in Space Now:

Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1309620/Bears_In_Space/
Epic Games Store: https://store.epicgames.com/p/bears-in-space

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About Broadside Games

Broadside Games was founded in Brisbane, Australia in 2021 and for the majority of the production, the team was made up of a modest three developers, John, Garth and Dan. With the release of Bears in Space, they hope to grow their studio even further and become a well-known name in the Australian game development scene. Bears In Space will be Broadside Games’ debut release, although co-owner John Eyre has previous industry experience having worked on Hand of Fate 2 and the award winning The Forgotten City. For the first few years of development, Bears in Space was a passion project being worked on by studio leads Garth and John in their spare time. With the help of an Epic Mega Grant they were able to give the game more time and eventually entered into a partnership with PLAION, allowing Bears in Space to go into full production and expanding the studio by bringing on Dan, the third core member of the studio.

About Ravenscourt

Established in 2014 – and operating from its Munich headquarters in Germany – Ravenscourt’s mission is delivering amazing games to a broad audience from both established studios and industry newcomers. With a diverse portfolio, managing the titles of multiple international studios, Ravenscourt games span everything from adventure and management sims through to city builders and indie gems. The label even boasts a good old sing-along karaoke franchise. Our players delight in engrossing narrative driven adventures, relish the challenge of building new worlds and love solving puzzles.


PLAION is a dynamic and diversified business in the global entertainment sector, masterfully crafting franchises that captivate audiences worldwide. Boasting a vast network of eight game development studios, sixteen regional publishing offices, and PLAION PICTURES as an independent film publisher and distributor, the company extends its influence with merchandise production and expansive distribution capabilities across the globe.

Founded nearly three decades ago, PLAION has firmly established itself within the entertainment arena. With a diverse range of services and solutions, PLAION stands as the premier publishing partner for console and PC games across both physical and digital channels. Moreover, its strong foothold in the Virtual Reality (VR) domain highlights the company’s commitment to varied gaming experiences.

PLAION is an Embracer Group company.