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In our gameplay, we tackle some missions with enemies attacking from both ground and air. We also try our hand at building and testing our mech, using what little resources we were able to accumulate.

Custom Mech Wars is published by D3PUBLISHER, the same people who brought us the Earth Defense Force series. As its title suggests, the game’s main appeal is assembling newer and bigger mechs with the use of resources acquired during missions.

Take customization to the extreme with the Omega Customization System and battle with one-of-a-kind combat units in this all-new third-person shooter mecha game.

Freely build mechs with all kinds of designs and parameters, no matter how unconventional—the only limit is your imagination. Take, for instance, the Full Weapon Bot, armed to the teeth with ten rifles and ten missiles; the Asuro Bot, equipped for battle with three heads and six arms; the Motor Bot, mounted with several bazookas; and the Bipedal Tank, a combat vehicle with legs.

Developer: D3PUBLISHER
Publisher: D3PUBLISHER
Platform: Windows, PlayStation 5
Release Date: 14 Dec, 2023
Price: $44.99 USD

Available here – https://www.d3p.co.jp/cmw/en/


Not Recommended – “Custom Mech Wars gives mech fans a huge amount of options to create their own robotic abominations, but its grindy gameplay, faulty controls, and dull presentation will fail to keep most players engaged enough.”

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