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Throw a T-Rex at Your Opponents! Roxxor Has Entered the Arena

Death or Glory’s first post-launch champion enters with a slam!

Hong Kong – November 23 2023. Death or Glory, the free-to-play roguelike deckbuilder that blends fighting game mechanics with deck building, has received its first post-launch content. Roxxor, a giant warrior that intimidates with powerful grapples, crunching slams, and T-Rex wielding throws, is available now for both PvE and PvP modes.

Roxxor, an orphan abandoned by his tribe, grew up in the wilderness which became both his home and his training ground. The beasts he hunted for food can now be wielded as powerful moves, from ground-breaking grapples to seismic slams. Roxxor joins the warrior class, where clever management of resources can lead to huge OTK combos.

Death or Glory was released on PC via Steam Early Access on October 17th. The game offers both a roguelike deckbuilder mode, as well as a competitive PvP mode. Over the past 6 weeks over 1,300 players have faced off, over 250,000 cards were played and the PvE bosses have been slain over 1,800 times. Distilled Gaming Company recently announced Death or Glory will receive regular monthly updates, bringing new champions to the roster (one per month), new PvE maps, and modifiers to mix up the replayability.

All new champions will bring their achievements and progress paths, allowing more in-game currency to be earned to use on additional champions or cosmetic skins. All new PvE maps added to Death or Glory will be free to all players.

Death or Glory offers a unique turn-based system in which almost every attack can be reacted, whether dodged or blocked. Each card uses a speed system, much like the frames of a fighting game, so a heavy attack will still hit over a small block. Managing your resources, including stamina, champion power, and cards in hand, is vital in dominating the arena.

The champions of Death or Glory are divided into five different classes, each with a unique play style and resource system. Piloting a mech requires managing the system’s temperature to execute devastating combos while fighting as a feral werewolf means harnessing rage to slash away at your opponent’s health.

Death or Glory is available now in Steam Early Access as a free-to-play title. In-game currency can be purchased to unlock new champions and cosmetic items. All champions can be earned via in-game play. To keep up to date with the development of Death or Glory then follow Distilled Gaming Company on X.

About Distilled Gaming Company

Our world moves at an ever faster pace these days. There is not enough time to study, to work, to eat, to sleep or even to play. Distilled Gaming wants to focus on where the fun is. Anything that is not fun, we discard. Anything that is, we double it, triple it and then let a player experience it in the shortest amount of time. We hope to put a smile on every face.

Everyone in Distilled Gaming are passionate gamers. We know very well what is enjoyable and what frustrates us. Death or Glory is our first game and we are perfecting it through endless iterations. We believe in our concept and hope to support this game in the years to come.