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This Week in GTA Online – Triple Rewards on Casino Story and Work Missions, Free Turkey Mask and Black Friday Discounts

Cash in on Bonuses in Casino Story Missions, The Diamond Casino Heist, and MoreThe Sprunk & eCola Challenge Enters its Final Week, Doomsday Scenario Challenge Results, and a Host of Black Friday Discounts

Fight against the Duggan family’s ambitions for taking over The Diamond Casino & Resort in Casino Story Missions to pocket Triple Rewards this week. Master Penthouse owners can access Casino Story Missions by visiting Ms. Baker’s office inside the Casino, or via the Jobs section of the Pause Menu (once they’ve all been completed).

Speaking of Ms. Baker, call her up to request Casino Work Missions and help The Diamond with client operations, asset recovery, and other assignments, also paying out 3X GTA$ and RP through November 29.

Meanwhile, casing the joint and cracking the vault in The Diamond Casino Heist is especially profitable this week, as chances of encountering valuable gemstones are boosted (doubly so for GTA+ Members). Successfully completing the Finale of The Diamond Casino Heist will also earn you The Diamond Strike Vest, as a bonus.

Casino Cashiers, seemingly imbued with the Thanksgiving spirit, are generously doling out triple the usual daily amount of Chips this week. Chips can be used as payment at the Casino Store, to play against the house, or for those that know when to fold ‘em — cashed out at a 1:1 ratio of chips to GTA$.

Sprunk & eCola Challenge Final Week

Sugar highs are peaking as the Sprunk & eCola Challenge enters its final stretch. Claim victory by reaching a grand total of 100,000,000 cans drunk by November 29 and every member of the community will receive the electrifying Sprunk x eCola Bodysuit, a pair of vanity license plates (one for each brand), and a fierce livery for the Mammoth F-160 Raiju (25% off this week) delivered as part of this winter’s GTA Online update.

Mission Passed in The Doomsday Scenario Challenge

Crisis averted: in the short span of just seven days, the GTA Online community managed to prevent worldwide calamity while taking down Act III of The Doomsday Heist for a combined total of over GTA$500 billion. As a result of this stunning achievement, all players will receive a special new livery for the mythical Pegassi Zentorno (Super), to be delivered as part of the next GTA Online update.

3X GTA$ and RP on Vespucci Job (Remix)

To the victors go the spoils in Vespucci Job (Remix), which pits a single driver against multiple opponents in a race to reach all the checkpoints. While the classic mode highlighted the formidable Issi Classic (Compact), this version aims for maximum chaos with an all-star cast of vehicles to choose from, and pays out Triple Rewards this week.

2X GTA$ on Armored Truck Robberies

Los Santos is rife with allegedly impenetrable Armored Trucks filled with high-value assets. Raid these vehicles and fight off opposition to secure a sweet payday in Armored Truck Robberies, shelling out Double Rewards through November 29.

Premium Deluxe Motorsport Showroom

Pay Simeon Yetarian a visit at the Premium Deluxe Motorsport showroom to get an earful of a sales pitch about his latest catalog of vehicles, or save some time and check out their stats for yourself:

  • Pegassi Toreador (Sports Classic)
  • Överflöd Zeno (Super)
  • Pegassi Ignus (Super)
  • Karin Sultan RS Classic (Sports) wrapped in the Karin Performance Pink Livery
  • Bravado Hotring Hellfire (Sports)

Luxury Autos Showroom

Experience the elevated shopping experience at the Luxury Autos showroom in Rockford Hills and glance at this week’s available pair of vehicles: the Överflöd Tyrant (Super) and Grotti Itali RSX (Sports).

This Week on the Lucky Wheel Podium, and Other Vehicle Offerings

The Diamond Casino & Resort is the gift that keeps on giving this week, and spinning the Lucky Wheel is no exception. Try your luck at winning this week’s top prize: the Übermacht Rhinehart (Sedan).

Visit the Test Track inside the LS Car Meet to get behind the wheel of the Dinka Verus (Off-Road), Vapid Retinue (Sports Classic), and Ocelot Swinger (Sports Classic). See how they handle Time Trials, Scrambles, and joyrides around the track. Place Top 3 in the LS Car Meet Series three days in a row to add the Annis Remus (Sports) to your garage’s portfolio.

Only on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, this week’s Premium Test Ride is the lean and mean Bravado Buffalo EVX (Muscle), tuned for both maximum velocity and intimidation. Test your skills in a souped-up vehicle between North Chumash and the Palomino Highlands in this week’s HSW Time Trial.

Log in to Receive the Turkey Mask and Enjoy Black Friday Discounts

Celebrate Thanksgiving by logging in anytime this week to receive the Turkey Mask, and starting on November 24 gobble up a feast of Black Friday discounts, available through November 28:

  • Galaxy Super Yachts – 40% off
  • Galaxy Super Yacht Upgrades and Modifications – 40% off
  • Benefactor Terrorbyte – 70% off
  • Mammoth Avenger (Plane) – 50% off
  • Progen PR4 (Open Wheel) – 50% off
  • Benefactor BR8 (Open Wheel) – 50% off
  • Ocelot Stromberg (Sports Classic) – 50% off
  • Imponte Ruiner 2000 (Muscle) – 50% off
  • TM-02 Khanjali (Military) – 50% off
  • Buckingham Swift (Helicopter) – 50% off
  • Buckingham Swift Deluxe (Helicopter) – 50% off
  • Buckingham Luxor (Plane) – 50% off
  • Buckingham Luxor Deluxe (Plane) – 50% off
  • JoBuilt P-996 LAZER (Plane) – 25% off


Step your game up with GTA+ membership status and claim the following benefits and privileges through December 11:

  • Free Ocelot Pariah (Sports)
  • Bleedin’ Tasty Hoodie and Shorts, Cluckin’ Bell Hoodie and Cuffed Sweats
  • Boosted chance of finding Diamonds in The Diamond Casino Heist vault
  • Free Arcade Property
  • 40% off Arcade Upgrades and Modifications

And much more, including a GTA$500,000 bonus delivered upon billing each month, access to The Vinewood Car Club, and other benefits updated monthly. Visit the GTA+ website for the complete breakdown.


Available November 23 – 29:

  • Free drinks at the Casino
  • Casino Store Merch – 50% off (Chips not GTA$)
  • Eclipse Blvd. Garage – 50% off
  • Eclipse Blvd. Garage Upgrades & Modifications – 50% off
  • Casino Penthouse – 40% off
  • Casino Penthouse Upgrades & Modifications – 40% off
  • Arcade Properties – 30% off
  • Arcade Upgrades and Modifications – 30% off
  • Arcade Cabinets – 30% off
  • Mammoth F-160 Raiju (Plane) – 25% off

Gun Van Inventory and Discounts

Machete | Railgun | Widowmaker | Up-n-Atomizer | Unholy Hellbringer (40% off for GTA+ Members) | Fireworks Launcher | Service Carbine | Stun Gun | Tactical SMG (20% off) | Flare Gun | Grenades | Proximity Mines | Sticky Bombs | Armor