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Take a look at our first playthrough of Silent Hope, where we meet the main party of playable characters and venture into the Abyss for the first time. We’ll try combat, see what enemies look like, and craft equipment and meals at the base camp.

Explore, fight, and produce items to grow stronger as seven distinct heroes in this silent world. Guided by the Princess, you’ll delve into the Abyss and learn the mysteries of the King and his now-ruined kingdom. In a world without words, what hope is there for humanity?

Silent Hope
Developer: Marvelous Inc.
Publisher: XSEED Games, Marvelous USA, Inc., Marvelous
Platform: Windows, Switch
Release Date: 4 Oct, 2023
Price: $49.99 USD

Available now –


Not Recommended – “Silent Hope is a fun time-sink if you enjoy dungeon-crawling RPGs, but the entertainment only lasts for a short time when the game offers a mostly repetitive, bland experience”

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