Reinvent the French Capital in The Architect: Paris, Launching for PC Today

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Starting today, you can take up the mantle of an architect to reinvent the city of Paris.

Following Early Access last February and feedback from the community, Enodo Games is proud to launch with the long-awaited new “Career Mode”.

Paris, France – September 30th, 2021. Enodo Games, French indie studio, is proud to announce the official launch of The Architect: Paris for PC, a construction game allowing players to rebuild and reinvent the French capital. Following feedback from the community during Early Access which started in February 2021, the studio has added improvements and new features to the game, as well as a long-awaited Career Mode to offer an optimized gaming experience. The construction game is out today on Steam, Epic and GOG.  

In The Architect: Paris, every building that makes up the Parisian urban landscape can be shaped based on one’s will and imagination. Players have the unique opportunity to recreate the City of Lights as they want it thanks to multiple available architectural styles or from their own original designs, re-imagining the city as anything from a business district to a medieval city or a futuristic one. Budding architects will be able to mix historical and modern designs in a detailed simulated city to obtain a customized and authentic vision of Paris.

Following community feedback, Enodo Games has developed a complete “Career” Mode, full of projects and challenges, which also serves as a tutorial to allow players to take ownership of the tools before starting in the “Sandbox” mode and letting their creativity shine. The addition of managerial challenges within the “Career” Mode will see players facing challenges like those facing the true mayor of Paris.

Discover the two playing modes available in The Architect: Paris:

  • The Career Mode, composed of three acts, has players realize 25 projects with specific goals to reach and unlock the next projects as well as the Sandbox mode.
  • The Sandbox Mode offers the city of Paris to build upon without any specific missions, where the players are free to demolish, redraw and rebuild the city at will.

Today, The Architect: Paris is composed of 27 districts that aspiring architects can shape entirely to their will.  

In a community spirit, The Architect: Paris offers new project-sharing features which let players import the creations of others into their own game. New architects will be able to take inspiration from shared projects to recreate something original or to integrate iconic buildings directly into their own City of Lights.

The game is also open to mods and the community members can create their own new designs and make them available to all players.

Jean-Baptiste Reynes, CEO of Enodo Games, states: “We are proud to be able to offer an accomplished construction game that gives players the freedom to redraw Paris, and to take on the role of an architect. Since early access, last February, we have developed new features that we hope players will like globally.” He adds: “We count on the feedback of our community tremendously, and this is why we are proud to propose the all new ‘Career’ mode within the game. It adds new challenges and help the players get a grip on the various tools available before they dive into a freer ‘Sandbox’ mode.” 

For more information, follow The Architect Paris on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and the game’s Discord channel.

The only limit is your imagination!

About Enodo Games
From Enodo… to Enodo Games

Founded by two architects, the firm Enodo has been developing interactive 3D environments using video game technology for 15 years. These immersive environments allow varied professionals to enjoy unique experiences which are both very powerful and educational. It is thus very naturally that Enodo Games came to be in 2014, when the founders of Enodo decided to reverse their process and to bring to the video game industry the expertise they acquired throughout the years. Being city builders enthusiasts, the team members designed the tools they would have liked to see in other games. The Architect: Paris does not give the possibility of building a city from a catalogue of different pieces of cities but to truly imagine, design and create the future of an existing one.

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