They finally did it! The devs of House Flipper have given us the exact date for their most significant expansion yet!

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Frozen District has given us many developer updates about their upcoming House Flipper Luxury DLC – lots of new items, mechanics, and brand-new NPCs – and all of that will arrive on October 14th. Oh boy, that’s exciting! Did we mention the price is $14.99?

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – September 2nd, Cracow, Poland.

We’ve all been thinking that House Flipper’s newest DLC will come at the end of Q4 2021, but the devs have surprised us once again! They just announced that House Flipper: Luxury will become available on October 14th! Spending Halloween decorating all those huuuge mansions with custom items just for the price of $14.99 sure sounds like fun!

Frozen District has been feeding us plenty of information about this luxurious DLC through their spoiler-filled social media accounts. So, let’s summarize what we already know about this additional content.

According to the developers, we’ll get over 15 jobs that will all be available as ready-to-buy houses after completing the tasks. We’ll be able to decorate them with hundreds of items to make sure that everyone finds something for themselves. And on top of that, there’s a completely new area with a beautiful map and a bunch of new residents! Yeah, you heard that right! Frozen District has added some new NPCs to spice things up and add some background to their game. Great!

With glass roofs, plate glass windows for walls, and a ceiling many feet above your head, this is how royalty live! With the Luxury DLC, dozens of types of new furniture have been added – classic contemporary, antique, and modern are going to fulfill any luxurious design wishes! New mechanics like installing huge decorative windows whenever you want them or building swimming pools inside your mansion will also add to the house flipping experience. In the Luxury DLC, you can also try to renovate furniture from past centuries. It’s going to take time and effort, but the final result will bring tons of satisfaction. Utilizing classic furniture doesn’t mean giving up comfort. With smart devices, you can control your entire home. Change the colors of the lights, close and open the doors, and all without even getting up from the couch.

House Flipper is designed for players who look for relief and relaxation in their gaming experience. Taking on renovation jobs, arranging, and decorating a house doesn’t require a lot of time. This way, the player can experience the feeling of accomplishment after only a few hours of gameplay. But who would want to stop playing that quick with all the content that comes with this DLC?

Frozen District plans to keep its players updated about the DLC and share exciting updates with them.

If you are interested, your best bet is to add Luxury DLC to your wishlist on Steam and follow House Flipper on Facebook and Twitter.

About Frozen District

Frozen District is an independent game development studio filled with gaming enthusiasts who are led by the need to create gaming titles with passion and respect for gamers. Thanks to the company’s unique atmosphere and non-conventional workflow, they are able to maintain a fresh look at the gaming industry and use this gathered experience in their projects.

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