The Latest in GTA Online: Ubermacht Cypher LS Tuners Car, New Union Depository Contract, Double Rewards on Robbery Contracts, Triple Rewards on Tiny Racers, and More

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The Übermacht Cypher is Now Available Plus, the New Union Depository Contract, Double Rewards Bonuses, and More

The markings on Mount Chiliad. The noise in those tunnels. These are the thoughts that keep you up at night. And now, there’s the enigmatic Übermacht Cypher. How can a car look so good, feel so good, and handle so damn good? You’ll find the answer at Legendary Motorsport.

Take on the New Union Depository Contract

A plan is in the works to hit one of the most well-guarded buildings in Los Santos — The Union Depository. You’ll need a few things before you can think about walking in the door, so visit the Job Board in your Auto Shop to learn more.

Completing The Union Depository Contract, or any other Robbery Contract for that matter, will also dish out 2X GTA$ and RP, all week long.

3X GTA$ and RP on Tiny Racers

Zoom out and get a little bird’s-eye perspective in Tiny Racers, a nostalgic mode that punishes anyone who falls behind the pack with an explosive fate. It is a classic case study in survival of the fittest — with a few twists thrown in there for good measure. All Tiny Racers contestants walk away with triple the usual GTA$ and RP, all week long.

2X GTA$ and RP on DJ Request Missions

No one ever said DJs were low maintenance. Tom Connors needs help fulfilling the wishes of The Music Locker’s superstar stable. If you receive a text from him, helping out with DJ Requests will pay out 2X GTA$ and RP.

Car Meet Prize Ride and Challenge
LS Car Meet members who place first in 5 different Street Races will receive the new Übermacht Cypher as this week’s Prize Ride. Scope it out for yourself atop the Vapid Slamtruck in the middle of the Car Meet, then sign up for the Street Race Series by speaking to the Race Organizer. Keep track of your stats by checking the Prize Ride Challenge section of the Interaction Menu.

However you manage to get your greasy hands on the steering wheel, log in at any point this week to land the Negative Speed Demon Livery for the Übermacht Cypher, free of charge.

Test Out New and Unreleased Cars on the Test Track:

The Test Track is the perfect place to give a new tune-up a spin or maybe you’d like to try out the new Übermacht Cypher, the unreleased Karin Previon, or the Vapid Dominator GTT before you decide to purchase. Feel free to challenge your buddies to a friendly Scramble or race against the clock in a Time Trial.

This Week on the Podium: Dundreary Landstalker XL

Visit the lobby of The Diamond Casino & Resort anytime to give the Lucky Wheel a spin — you could walk away with GTA$, RP, clothing, snacks, and all sorts of mystery prizes. This week on the podium? The Dundreary Landstalker XL, a hulking SUV that combines the practicality of a suburban lifestyle with the reckless abandon of going off-road and tearing up the mud.


Whether you’re a legitimate grease-monkey with a passion for getting other peoples’ rides up to spec or you’re looking to set up a front for more nefarious activity, all Auto Shops across the map are 20% off this week. Meanwhile, a range of vehicles are discounted as well — see below for the complete list.


  • Dinka Jester RR – 30% off
  • Grotti Itali RSX – 40% off
  • Benefactor Krieger – 40% off
  • Progen Emerus – 40% off
  • Nagasaki Weaponized Dinghy – 40% off
  • Mammoth Tula – 40% off

Prime Gaming Bonuses and Benefits

GTA Online players who successfully connect their Rockstar Games Social Club account with Prime Gaming will get GTA$100K just for playing anytime this week.

Prime Gaming members can also take advantage of exclusive discounts, including 35% off the Obey Tailgater S and a steep 80% off the Vapid Flash GT.

To ensure access to future benefits, make sure to visit Prime Gaming and sign up.

Check Rockstar Support for details and limitations.

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