Out Now in Red Dead Online: New Solo Play Telegram Missions, Bonuses for Traders and Moonshiners, Double XP on all Races, Discounts and More

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A Tough Business: Three New Hardcore Telegram Missions Now in Red Dead Online – Plus, Bonuses and Rewards for Moonshiners and Traders, Double XP for all Races, and More

Your pen pal “J” has a new batch of Hardcore Telegram Missions to offer. These are different from regular Telegram Missions in that enemies are not visible on your mini-map, and you won’t have any aim assistance. They’re a true test of your aim, will, and determination.

The first of these missions — Good and Dead — sees you assigned to the killing of a target in the heart of Saint Denis. You’ll only be given a description of their last known outfit, so you’ll need to be on high alert. Keep in mind that Josiah will pay you according to how cleanly you can dispose of your mark — avoid alerting him, his gang members, and becoming wanted by the law for maximum rewards.

The second mission, Frontier Justice, concerns the Del Lobos gang’s armed occupation of Armadillo. Apart from a couple of especially guarded areas, though, you’ll be able to move about town quite freely, so long as you’re not letting gunshots off. Freeing the gang’s hostages from their captors will reveal various ways you can further disrupt the gang’s activities and raise general chaos.

In the third new Mission released as part of A Tough Business, Cold Day in Hell, it pays to keep a low profile. A local gang has plans for their next robbery and you’ve been contacted to steal them. If word gets out about the gang and their whereabouts, however, it will place your employers in immediate danger — so you’ve got to move with stealth and cunning. The documents’ contents are so sensitive that the gang leadership’s gotten paranoid and only sent a small group of their numbers to hole themselves up in Colter with hopes that the bitter cold will deter any prying eyes and potential attackers. Rest assured that backup’s stationed at a short distance, though, should they hear any commotion.

50% Extra RDO$ and Role XP on Trader and Moonshine Sales
Whether it be for animal goods or shine, the market’s appetite grows more and more every day — feed it by completing Trader and Moonshine Sales and you’ll be rewarded with an extra 50% RDO$ & Role XP through October 4.

Traders and Moonshiners who return to play Red Dead Online this week will also receive a Reward for 25 Trader Goods and a Mash Refill, respectively. Traders and Moonshiners who are also members of The Quick Draw Club No. 3 will receive a Reward for a Trader Resupply, and a Reward for 2,000 Moonshiner XP, respectively.

Destroying 3 Revenue Agent Roadblocks this week will result in receiving an Offer for 40% off an Established or Distinguished Moonshiner Role Item. Please allow up to 72 hours for your Rewards and Offers to arrive.

2X XP on all Races
There’s plenty of competition out there on the edges of polite society, you’ve just got to look for it in the right places. Should you and your steed get the urge to reach a full gallop, all Races are doling out 2X XP for the week.

Get your mount up to snuff by visiting the Stables and taking 30% off the cost of all Race Horses and Stable Stalls; all Horse Care Packages are free, as well.

Join the entrepreneur class this week: both the Butcher Table and Moonshine Shack are 5 Gold Bars cheaper than usual. Traders above Rank 10 can save 40% when purchasing the Hunting Wagon from the Wheeler, Rawson & Co. Catalogue. All Trader Cosmetic Role Items are 30% off for the next seven days, as well.

Keep the booze-hounds happy by spiffing up your Moonshine Shack — both Upgrades & Themes are 30% off.

Bundle yourself up to protect from the elements — all Ponchos are 30% off in the Catalogue and at Tailors across the map.

Prime Gaming Benefits
Red Dead Online players who connect their Rockstar Games Social Club account to Prime Gaming before October 25 will get a Reward for 40 Capitale and an Offer for half off the Mauser Pistol.

Check Rockstar Support for details and limitations.

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