Chasing Static Haunts Steam with Lo-Fi, Non-Linear Horror October 14

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Welsh Mysteries Torment Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S Q1 2022

BRISTOL, England — 14 September 2021 — Chasing Static, the retro psychological horror game from the twisted minds of developer Headware Games and publisher Ratalaika Games S.L., unleashes PS1-inspired terror to Steam for Windows PC on Thursday, Oct., 2021. Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One editions hit the airwaves in Q1 2022.

Embark on a journey of remembrance and revelation as Chris Selwood, a man visiting the dreary forests of rustic North Wales to pay his respects at his father’s funeral. A mundane encounter with an eerily familiar woman at a roadside diner in the Village of Hearth turns petrifying when an unknown horror attacks her. Chris falls unconscious from shock and awakens in the same cafe, now in ruins.

Chris navigates through the darkness in this disturbing new locale as he must discover where he is and why monsters and spirits roam this unsettling land. Unsanctioned experiments, lies told to family members, and a strange bond with the waitress culminates in a non-linear, replayable story rich with secrets.. Chris must make sense of an unsettling world drenched in mystery where he can never be certain what may be lurking around the next turn. 

Use the Frequency Displacement Monitoring Device capable of tracking signals and revealing unworldly audio to discover the secrets of adrift spirits corrupted by strange forces. Traverse through blackened woods, uninhabited ruins, and mysterious government facilities to discover mysteries while avoiding harmful forces. Lo-fi 3D graphics meet hi-fi audio quality and sound design, with all audio cues represented visually for accessibility purposes.

“The 32-bit era of survival horror left a lasting mark on me, and while I wasn’t experienced enough yet to make a game during that era, I’m now ready to deliver my take on lo-fi survival horror,” said Nathan Hamley, Founder, Headware Games. “I look forward to passing on the nightmares from this golden age of horror to a whole new generation this October.”

Chasing Static releases on Steam for Windows PC on October 14, 2021, with English language voice acting and English, French, German, Spanish, and Japanese text with additional language support to be confirmed. For more information on Chasing Static, please visit the game’s Steam Page and follow Headware Games on Twitter and Facebook

Chasing Static will release onNintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and 5, and Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One in Q1 2022.

About Headware Games

Founded by solo developer Nathan Hamley of Bristol, England, Headware Games creates adventure games with a focus on accessibility and to experiment with interactive narrative. Chasing Static is the studio’s second title, after previously releasing Guard Duty, an innovative point-and-click adventure game played over two distinct eras of history.

For more information, please visit the Headware Games website and follow Headware Games on Twitter and Facebook.

About Ratalaika Games

Based out of Spain, Ratalaika Games is an indie developer and publisher of games for consoles and PC. Focused on helping other indie creators, the company offers console porting, localization, and promotion services to spread the word about smaller studios to gamers all over the world.

To learn more, visit the Ratalaika Games’ official website, like the Ratalaika Facebook page, and follow @RatalaikaGames on Twitter.

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