Become a drug lord in the newly announced simulation, RTS, and economy game Pax Narcotica: Trafficker. Coming to Steam in Q3 2022

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Build your drug empire on real-world maps. Build production lines and supply chains. Hire soldiers and bribe politicians. Do everything it takes to succeed in Pax Narcotica: Trafficker, which launches on PC in Q3 2022.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – September 9th, Warsaw, Poland.

Tired of always being the hero saving the world, following the rules, acting as one should, and being oh so righteous that it makes everyone around you yawn of boredom? Then you’ve come to the right place. Trafficking drugs is no job for someone of high moral standards. Here you’ll be recruiting soldiers to protect your shipments. Bribing police and politicians to make sure they won’t get in your way. Negotiating sales with competitive crime groups or simply getting rid of their bosses. Whatever works best for your business. Just remember that stepping on too many toes at once may lead to your miserable end instead of becoming the most powerful drug lord in the history of cartels.

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In Pax Narcotica: Trafficker, you’ll take on the role of the cartel kingpin. And that means being responsible for developing smuggling routes, establishing distribution across the US, cornering the market, and defeating your competition using violence and strategic intelligence. How? That depends entirely on you. Spread aggressively across the US or concentrate on specific cities and markets. Use your funds to hire soldiers and buy weapons to defeat your rivals or bribe key figures to disrupt their operations.

The same freedom applies to managing your shipments. You can send your fleet of vehicles by either land, sea, or air, as long as you remember to invest in counter-measures to build impenetrable supply lines.

And there are a lot of “counter-measures”. As much as you may be tempted to brutally remove whoever stands in your way, you have to remember that violence may, in fact, neither be the only nor the best option. Sometimes, undercutting your rival’s prices and stealing their clientele, or supplying rival gangs with weapons and product to let them do the dirty work, may be the cheaper, more efficient, and, most importantly, the more discreet strategy.
Of course, any successful businessman needs to think about investing in production and supply lines. Hire a team of engineers and chemists to build a network of meth labs, weed farms, and weapons factories, and you’ll reduce the risk of costly international seizures.
Once you’ve won the dominant position in your local area, start sending money and weapons south of the border to build up your base of operations and take over rival territory. Increase the size of your shipments north or recruit mercenaries to expand your control into new cities. Do everything it takes to build your very own drug empire.


  • Play your way. Expand quickly and aggressively or build methodically, but always remember to measure the risks and rewards. Every shipment comes with the risk of seizure by the authorities or hijacking by a rival. But when a shipment gets through, the rewards are enormous. You must decide how to reduce the risk – with simple measures such as decoy cars or concealment, or by buying shell companies to transport cargo across the country.
  • Stop time and plan your next move. Decide to attack your rivals directly or undercut their prices and cut off their funding. Arrange a chain of shipments, send operators to a city to assassinate a rival, transport cash across the border to pay for the next consignment, then watch the actions play out in real-time.
  • Choose your “go to market” strategy. Cut your product to maximize profit or sell the highest quality merchandise to corner the market. Expand into over 50 US cities, each with different demands and underworld networks. Choose your clients, negotiate the highest price, and help them build their market share.
  • Clean your cash. Choose how to invest your money. Buy larger shipments or hire soldiers to expand your operation. Invest in front businesses and real estate to clean your money, then send it south of the border to expand your power base. Always pay your suppliers on time, or risk losing the source of your power.
  • Build your supply lines, hire your workforce, and bribe authorities. Set up meth labs, weed farms, and weapon factories. Hire engineers and chemists to maximize their output. Recruit a network of cops, politicians, and lawyers to build your empire, protect your cargo, and clean your money.

Pax Narcotica: Trafficker is being developed by Stone Spark Games and will be published on PC in Q3 2022 by Games Operators.

More information about the game can be found on SteamFacebook, and Twitter.

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