Astria Ascending First Hour of Gameplay

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Join us for the first hour of gameplay for Astria Ascending as we run through the first Act: The Peyska Spring Incident. We head off and investigate the Harmony Orchard and take down the Noises that are in the area. From there we clear Peysa Spring of Noises deep in the servers below the city and take down the first Act boss [An Octofairy] (in a lengthy battle – did not use any focus points). After that we have a quick game of J-Ster with ARPAJO to end Act 1.

Explore a vast world on the brink of chaos in a mature, emotional JRPG. Experience an epic story with rewarding, turn-based combat and expansive customization rendered in glorious 4K hand-drawn visuals.

Astria Ascending
Developer: Artisan Studio
Publisher: Dear Villagers
Platform: Windows
Release Date: 1 Oct, 2021

Available now on Steam –


Recommended – “An ambitious project featuring big names from the JRPG scene. It uses many JRPG conventions from the past, but ultimately, fails to stand up to the best in the genre.”

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