The Latest in Red Dead Online: Double Rewards on Camp and Homestead Robberies, Free Emotes, Care Package and More

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Double Rewards for Skilled Thieves on Camp and Homestead Robberies

Plus Quick Draw Club Benefits, and More

Living on the fringe of society is dangerous, but the criminal lifestyle certainly has additional perks. Where most folk eke out a living toiling for their employers, some are inclined to simply take what they want, when they want it. Rob any Camp or Homestead this week in Clearing House or Dirty Money, Dirty Deeds — either during a Blood Money mission or while freely roaming the frontier — to earn 2X RDO$ and XP.

Pay a visit to Sean Macguire, Joe, James Langton, or Anthony Foreman for information on vulnerable targets scattered across the five states. What’s more, successfully completing one of these robberies will earn you an Offer for 30% off a Revolver within 72 hours.

Free Roam Mission Bonus

Visit any Free Roam Mission contact on your travels and complete any Free Roam Mission to land a Reward for a select pair of Gloves up to Rank 15, also awarded within 72 hours.

Quick Draw Club Benefits

Owners of The Quick Draw Club No. 1 who purchase the second installment by August 23 will receive RDO$300 and 2,000 Character XP. Each installment of The Quick Draw Club costs 25 Gold Bars and gives you access to 25 ranks of Rewards.

Earn 25 Gold Bars back for each pass by completing all 25 Ranks. Plus, purchase all four installments of The Quick Draw Club to get a Reward for The Halloween Pass 2 for free. 

Free Emote for Players on Both Ends of The Honor Scale

Regardless of whether you choose the high road or the low, there are benefits for hardened veterans. Players Ranked 100 and up who dip into Low Honor during the next seven days will unlock the You vs Me Emote within 72 hours to let their foes know what’s what. Rank 100+ players who begin this week with High Honor and maintain it through August 23 will unlock the Jovial Laugh Emote within 72 hours of logging in after August 24, perfect for lightening the mood around camp.

Special Care Package

To keep you in fine shape for all your misdeeds, playing at any point this week will get you 3 Potent Health Cures and 3 Special Miracle Tonics, available at the Post Office or in your Camp Lockbox within 72 hours.


Don’t get caught short out in the wilderness — make sure you’re well stocked. Take advantage of these discounts from vendors of all sorts across the frontier:

  • 50% off all Consumables at the Doctor
    • 30% off all Multi Class Horses
    • 30% off the Fast Travel Post
    • 30% off all Throwable Weapons
    • 30% off all Bandanas
    • 30% off all Cosmetic Role Items from Madam Nazar

Prime Gaming Benefits

Red Dead Online players who connect their Rockstar Games Social Club account to Prime Gaming before August 30 will receive a Reward for a free Hat up to Rank 15, as well as Offers for 50% off the Rolling Block Rifle and 30% off select Camp Equipment from Wilderness Outfitters.

Check Rockstar Support for details and limitations.

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