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Feel the Beat. Use the Beat. Defend the Beat. Soundfall tunes into PC and consoles in 2022.

Wednesday, August 25, 2021 (Saskatchewan, Canada)… Noodlecake and Drastic Games are proud to present, in collaboration with Gamescom Opening Night Live, the all-new gameplay teaser trailer for rhythm-based combat game Soundfall.

Soundfall is a rhythm-based, looter shooter dungeon-crawler accompanied by a massive, multi-genre music library of tunes. Blast, hack ‘n’ slash your way through levels and enemy encounters that are actually procedurally generated to the beat of the music.

Play the main story or free play modes in multiplayer with up to four players, either online or local. Share in the musical adventure of a lifetime as you delve into forbidden dungeons, explore fantastic landscapes, and uncover the awesome power of music.

“We are excited to release the new Soundfall teaser trailer alongside Noodlecake’s collaboration announcement with Drastic Games,” said Ryan Holowaty, COO of Noodlecake. “With Soundfall, we’re turning the challenge dial up to 11, and look forward to gamers experiencing a new universe of music and breathtaking rhythm-based combat as they defend Symphonia from the forces of Discord.”

About Soundfall

You play as Melody, a Guardian of Harmony – a musical guru mysteriously transported to Symphonia by the Composers to battle the forces of Discord. Under threat, Symphonia – a world where music comes to life – you fight your way through the corrupt Timbrelands, eradicating Discordians and restoring Harmony to the environment while wielding powerful abilities, legendary weapons and endearing allies in the race to restore balance.

Soundfall launches in 2022 for PC and console. Stay tuned for more information.

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About Noodlecake

Noodlecake is an indie developer and publisher dedicating to finding the fun in every game they work on. Being around for over a decade Noodlecake has helped indie developers release over a hundred games across mobile, pc and console. Our team and the teams we work with are as varied as the kids from The Breakfast Club but there is one underlying thing that unites us all. Our love for games. Find us on Twitter, InstagramTwitch, and TikTok.

About Drastic Games
Drastic Games is a video game start-up founded by alumni from Epic Games. Devoted to pushing the bounds of small team development, Drastic is dead set on delivering players a binary-fueled typhoon of entertainment with enough pixel powered lightning in a bottle to shock even the most zealous Tesla enthusiast. To connect with Drastic Games, please follow us on TwitterInstagramFacebookTwitch and YouTube.

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