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An Indies-for-Indies Initiative

Seven international indie game publishers have come together to create a collaborative initiative known as The Indie Houses. With the core attitude of “indies-for-indies”, The Indie Houses aims to promote an environment that is centered around the sharing of knowledge between publishers rather than cutthroat competition. While this partnership has already been in practice for months (starting industry dialogues, discussing publisher agreements, pushing for sales transparency, etc.) the group will officially kick-off with a publisher showcase, The Indie Houses Direct, on August 31, on Steam, Twitch and YouTube. This will be followed by a weeklong Steam Festival, from August 31-September 7.

The Indie Houses is a collection of publishers that span multiple continents, with different backgrounds, niches, and languages. Each one brings their own set of skills and expertise to the collective with the objective of elevating not only themselves, but also one another and indie games as a whole. The publishers involved include: Akupara Games, Fellow Traveller, Neon Doctrine, Raw Fury, Those Awesome Guys, Toge Productions, and Whitethorn Games. While these are the publishers currently involved with the organization, the hope is to expand this collaborative relationship to others.

Here’s who’s involved in The Indie Houses:

Raw Fury @RawFury
Neon Doctrine @NeonDoctrine
Fellow Traveller @FellowTravellr
Akupara Games @akuparagames
Toge Productions @togeproductions
Those Awesome Guys @someawesomeguys
Whitethorn Games @WhiteThornGames

Inspired by the recent surge in “direct” style online showcases such as Wholesome Direct, The Indie Houses Direct will be an hour-long segment, packed to the brim with news and reveals from the seven publishers involved. A week-long Steam event will take place following the showcase which will feature multiple game demos, live broadcasts, game bundles, and sales.

The Indie Houses Direct Features:

  • New game announcements
  • Never-before-seen content
  • Content Updates and reveals
  • Developer live streams and Q&A sessions
  • African Developer Prototype Fund
  • And more!

More information about The Indie Houses or the Direct showcase later this month can be found on the website or twitter

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