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Sydney, Australia – 18th August 2021: It’s been quite the journey since we announced HUMANKIND, the game of our dreams, and we’re thrilled to finally announce that it’s out now at Australian retailers! To celebrate the launch, we’ve prepared an exquisite live-action launch trailer that fully encapsulates our vision of the infinite possibilities you’ll encounter in HUMANKIND

Check out the trailer here:

To thank our players for their support and great feedback during development, we have also prepared an Early Adopters’ bonus offer available for one week after launch, until 24th August! 

And while it may be release day, it’s also just the beginning: we intend to fully support the game for years to come and will be continuing to listen to our players, who have helped us to make this the game that it is! Keep an eye on our TwitterFacebookInstagram and YouTube channels for more details about future updates and events.

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