Glitchpunk First 35 Minutes of Gameplay

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Join us for the first 35 minutes of gameplay for Glitchpunk as we tackle the mean streets of New Baltia. Out now on Steam Early Access.

Inspired by classic top-down action games, Glitchpunk lets you brawl, shoot and drive your way through a dystopian future. As an android bounty hunter in a brutal world of gangs, cults and corporations there’s plenty of work for you. Lock and load, let her rip!

Developer: Dark Lord
Publisher: Daedalic Entertainment
Platform: Windows
Release: 12 Aug, 2021 (Early Access)

Available now on Steam –


Not Recommended“In its current state, Glitchpunch has massive potential to be a great GTA style cyberpunk game. Unfortunately the gameplay mechanics, especially joystick support, make the game unenjoyable to play.”

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