Fractured Veil Erupts With PvPvE Chaos in Paradise

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Fractured Veil Erupts With PvPvE Chaos in Paradise

Available Q2 2022 Via Steam Early Access

SEATTLE — 20 Aug. 2021 — Fractured Veil, the survival game set in a future Hawaii ravaged by sun, sand and savagery from Paddle Creek Games, highlights the mutants, multiverse, and massive interconnected maps that will create an unparalleled experience for both PvP and PvE on PC via Steam Early Access in 2022.

Core Features: 

  • Hawaiian lore and unique Hawaiian weapons
  • Mutant siege system with base destruction 
  • Multiverse travel between servers with distinct biomes and weather systems
  • In-depth base building and tiered crafting system 
  • NPC Settlements with PvE, and PvP elements
  • RPG-inspired Player Progression

Fractured Veil’s dynamic world will support hundreds of concurrent players across a sprawling map with procedural weather effects, locations to uncover, and more. Also planned is the server-hopping Veil Travel system, which will allow seamless transportation to different servers for resource-collecting runs and exploratory missions. Expanded community-driven systems, including player-run settlements and more will be added throughout Early Access. 

Fractured Veil is a beautiful amalgamation of the traditional survival and MMO genres,” said Ryan Wianko, Project Director and Co-founder of Paddle Creek Games. “Balancing the PvP and PvE aspects of the game allows us to cater to all sorts of players and create a dynamic—and chaotic—world. Our goal from day one has been to focus on our community and push the boundaries of survival games by blending aspects of MMOs, RPGs, and Survival Games!

After a devastating transportation system malfunction threw the world into an apocalyptic wasteland, Maui’s iconic white-sand beaches traded tourists for horrifying mutants. Human survivors, though scarce, were left with few options outside of seeking shelter, rebuilding some semblance of society, and fighting back against mutants and nefarious humans alike. It wasn’t long before the survivors realized they couldn’t die, returning as a clone each time their hearts stopped beating.

Trapped in an endless loop of a precarious existence, Fractured Veil’s vision of a Hawaiian post-apocalypse presents a multiplayer survival experience that caters to both PvP and PvE-focused players. Collecting resources, crafting, and fighting to stay alive are core tenets of survival games, but in Fractured Veil, creatingcommunity as well as deep player and story progression are valid paths forward.

Adventure alone or explore in a group, fighting from the beaches and pushing inland before laying down a small base of operations. Craft a humble 2×2 shack to call home, but choose its location wisely because a ramshackle thatch building may draw unwanted attention from mutants or other players. Gather resources to create upgrades, craft spearguns, blades, and more, fortifying the base’s defenses to survive the night.

Race toward NPC-controlled outposts where trading vendors and quests await. Take on missions from the island’s remaining residents set across numerous points of interest. Trade experience for skill points, unlocking abilities and bonuses in different disciplines to build a custom survivor fit for any playstyle. Dive deep into dungeons to get the best loot for end-game upgrades, but be wary, as fiendish mutants are never far away.

Hide from Big Bob, a twisted creature who once served as a famous line cook. Big Bob’s DNA infected other mutants, creating the Butchers, a species that overwhelmed survivors while chopping away at their limbs. Avoid the Green Lady, a nocturnal half-plant hybrid who commands a legion of Stalkers that specialize in hit-and-run tactics against the underprepared. With the ever-present threat of mutants, it’s best to turn neighbors into allies instead of enemies.

Fractured Veil will be available on PC via Steam Early Access in 2022. A Kickstarter campaign is planned for Tuesday, September 7, 2021. For more information on Fractured Veil, visit the official website, wishlist on Steam, and follow the Kickstarter Campaign.

About Paddle Creek Games

Paddle Creek Games is an independent video game studio based in Seattle, Washington and Montréal, Canada. The 12-person team is composed of industry veterans who have provided service for more than 300 titles, including Fortnite and Gotham Knights. Paddle Creek Games seeks to create engaging, systems-driven experiences that leave players with lasting memories.

Fractured Veil is the team’s first title. For more information on Paddle Creek Games, visit the official website.

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