Fire Tonight Reignites Love for Puzzles, Electronic Music Today on Nintendo Switch, PC

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Fire Tonight Reignites Love for Puzzles, Electronic Music Today on Nintendo Switch, PC

TORONTO – Aug. 12, 2021 – Fire Tonight, a narrative puzzle experience from developer Reptoid Games and publisher Way Down Deep following a couple’s journey to find one another in a burning city, turns up the heat on Nintendo Switch, Windows PC, and Mac today.

In the midst of a raging inferno, love finds a way and continues to bloom between Maya and Devin. With a passion that burns brighter than the flames surrounding them, Maya makes her way through the blaze to reunite with Devin who awaits her in an apartment full of memories.

Devin eases his anxieties by listening to mixtapes and distracting himself with memory-soaked mementos reflecting on their relationship. Maya roller skates through the metropolis avoiding the heat and police patrols by taking adventurous routes over rooftops and alleyways teeming with puzzles blocking her path. Nothing can extinguish the spark between these two.

Inspired by Information Society’s song of the same name, Fire Tonight acts as a love ballad to a time before cell phones, when mixtapes were a sign of affection and CDs were just becoming a thing. Explore a neon-tinted cityscape with an original electronic soundtrack by Canadian composer Lex Metcalfe. Relieve this era’s unforgettable aesthetics in a nonviolent interactive love story. 

“Information Society couldn’t be more pleased to see this delightful narrative game based on THE song ‘Fire Tonight,’ from our 1990 album Hack,” the band said. “We love the story, the art, and everything else about it!”

Fire Tonight is available now on Nintendo Switch and Windows PC and Mac via Steam for $5.99 USD / €4,99 EUR / £4.49 GBP. To learn more about Fire Tonight, please visit the official website and join the community on Twitter and Facebook. Information Society also recently released a new album ODDfellows on Friday, Aug. 6, 2021; it can be purchased via Bandcamp.

About Reptoid Games

Founded in 2015, Reptoid Games is a Toronto-based independent games studio behind the 2017 Ubisoft Indie Series award-winning title Fossil Hunters. The team at Reptoid aim to create hand-crafted, bespoke character-driven experiences for players across the globe.

For more information, check out the official Reptoid Games website.

About Way Down Deep

Way Down Deep is a Texas-based boutique publisher that specializes in bringing to life non-violent games set in the real world. Fire Tonight joins a growing catalogue of titles about love and life, including Circadian City, Half Past Fate, Date Night Bowling, and more.

To learn more, please visit the official Way Down Deep website.

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