CountryBalls Heroes relase date pushed to Q4 2021

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Innominate Games developers explain the reasons behind postponing the release date for their upcoming turn-based strategy game.

CountryBalls Heroes – a crazy, turn-based strategy game full of memes and real-world references will launch on Steam in Q4 2021. Read below about further plans for the game, content updates and next steps developers have planned.

Here’s what Innominate Games has to say about the game’s release date change:


Today we have planned to inform you that everything is good and the game is coming to you according to the plan. Unfortunately, we’re coming with bad news. The Steam support informed us that its crew needs more time to review the game. Usually, it takes from 3 up to 5 days. In this case, we received a recommendation from Steam to change the game’s launch date because they won’t be able to review CountryBalls Heroes in time. Therefore, we need to postpone CountryBalls Heroes’ premiere. The game is 100% complete, and it has been ready for you for a couple of weeks. However, Steam procedures require that we wait at least 30 days before setting the new launch date. Therefore, we’ve decided to change the date to Q4 of 2021 and give you some more specific information on the premiere’s day once Steam’s review is complete and we have a green light.

We are aware that many of you awaited this game, and you’re probably as heartbroken as we are right now. We have some good news as well, though. There were a lot of discussions about making this delay up to you somehow. Finally, we came up with an idea to use this time to create one more playable map. You’ll receive a bit more content in exchange for some more patience. What’s more, initially, we wanted to give you a launch discount of 15% on the day of the game’s premiere. In this case, we’ve decided to change the discount to 20%. Again, anything to make this prolonged wait up to you! Finally, we will use this time to start working on the multiplayer mode that you’ve been requesting a lot! Stay with us, and remember that without you, we won’t be able to protect all those vodka supplies!

Your CountryBalls Heroes team”

The demo for CountryBalls Heroes is still available on Steam (, so give it a try while you wait for the final release.

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