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Ragnarock, the rock / metal multiplayer VR rhythm game is available on Steam today while Oculus Quest release will follow in the coming days

Many new features accompany this official release, including several pieces of music and one additional environment!

Lyon, France, July 15, 2021 – Independent French studio WanadevStudio is pleased to announce today the release of Ragnarock  the rock / metal-oriented VR rhythm game, on Steam. Budding Vikings  can now enjoy both the single and multiplayer modes.

Ragnarock is a single-player and multiplayer VR rhythm game in which players take on the role of Viking captains competing against each other in a frenzied longship race. Equipped with their hammers, they must strike the rune drums in rhythm, playing music ranging from Celtic rock to power metal, in order to move their ship forward.

Fun and stylized art direction inspired by Norse mythology transports players to Viking lands through six different environments. Only the most experienced will be able to collect all of the gold medals, beat the best scores, achieve unparalleled combos and put their name on the leaderboard.

The cross-play functionality promises intense battles between players of different platforms. In single player mode, the most fond of competition will be able to face ghost ships.

For its deep multiplayer component (up to 6 players), Ragnarock and its innovative racing concept received the ETR community best multiplayer VR game award developed by a French studio.

New additional content

Because music is the heart of a rhythm game, the teams at WanadevStudio are happy to confirm the availability of 6 new epic tracks in addition to the previous 24 songs already playable in the early access version.

Among the novelties, the prestigious group Alestorm continues its collaboration with Ragnarock by adding a new anthem to the game. German group Saltatio Mortis lands two other tracks, and the nervous French Ultra Vomit also joins the long list of participating bands. Finally, Sabordage enhances the playlist with a new custom-made Pirate-Metal track that promises to be sensational!

Players will also be able to enjoy a new playable environment: Muspelheim, the world of fire, realm of the giant Surtr …

Many new features to discover, practice, collect and have fun with

Unlock achievements to get great rewards like collectible hammers, enter training mode to practice the toughest passages, communicate with Vikings using the new emoji device and challenge thousands of other players online thanks to multiplayer mode.

Only a few more days before the Quest release!

Ragnarock will be released very soon on Oculus Quest! The developments are currently being validated and the game should be available initially on the App Lab.

The game is available for a suggested retail price of € 21.99/$19.99 on Steam.

About WanadevStudio
WanadevStudio is an independent French VR studio based in Lyon and made up of gaming enthusiasts involved in the development of immersive and fun VR games. Wanadev’s entire structure was created more than ten years ago as a web agency, focused on solving digital and technical challenges. Our passion for new technologies has made us VR pioneers and thanks to this passion combined with our love of video games, we have continued our activities by developing multiple games dedicated to VR arcades, mainly in France and Europe, and more recently virtual reality games for the mainstream VR market.

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