Happy World Snake Day! Snake Man’s Adventure sheds its price down in celebration

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Available on Steam – Save the world in light-hearted, retro-style platformer fit for all ages

July 16th, 2021 — What better way to celebrate World Snake Day than helping a snake to save the world with independent developer DosoSoft’s quirky 2D platformer, Snake Man’s Adventure, which is now available on Steam at the new price of $5,99, £4.79, €4.99! Featuring a colorful mix of offbeat comedy and easy to pick up and play mechanics, Snake Man’s Adventure brings together an oddball cast of characters and fun, 90s retro inspired gameplay for the next generation!

Since no one on his home planet will take Snake Man’s awesomeness seriously, he is on a mission to prove his super skills by saving planet Earth from an invasion of Grandiots. Joining him on his quest for greatness, the Professor accompanies Snake Man to Earth where they quickly team up with Sophia, her dog, “Doggo”, and Liam to save humans from intergalactic catastrophe. 

Travel through photo-based, layered nature environments on a colorful adventure, collecting items, power ups and achievements along the way. With an outlandish story filled with laughs, Snake Man’s Adventure pays tribute to classic platformers while not taking itself too seriously and keeping it fun and simple for a new audience.

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About DosoSoftFounded in 2020, DosoSoft is an independent video game development studio based in Germany. With the aim of making fun, colorful titles with a light-hearted sense of humor, the studio’s first game, Snake Man’s Adventure will launch on Steam in 2021.

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