Death Knights and Storm Blasters Make their Debut When the Lineage II Aden Service Launches in North America on Aug. 11

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New Classes, New Race, Updated Sytstems and More are In Store for Players in Lineage II Aden, Which Blends Traditional MMO Experiences with Accessible Solo Play

ALISO VIEJO, Calif. – July 21, 2021 ­– Lineage II, the hit MMORPG from NCSOFT, which recently celebrated its 17th anniversary, will launch a brand new service called Lineage II Aden on August 11. Lineage II Aden features the same core gameplay of Lineage II, but with classes tuned to focus primarily on solo play, but still retaining group hunting, intense PvP, and epic raids – including castle sieges ­– that made Lineage II one of the most enduring classic MMORPGs. Also arriving exclusively in Lineage II Aden are the Death Knight class and the Sylph Race, which exclusively has access to the Storm Blaster class. Information about Lineage II Aden can be found here:

Key features of Lineage II Aden are: 

  • Solo-friendly Gameplay: Waiting around for a party to level or grind is a thing of the past in Lineage II Aden. All 36 classes are tuned to be self-sufficient while hunting, and Lineage II Aden will have six new solo dungeons at launch. Lineage II Aden also features a simplified leveling system, making it easier on players to reach max level. 
  • Two new player Classes: Lineage II Aden will have two new player classes – the agile Sylph Storm Blasters, and the fearsome Death Knight – based on the Death Knight raid boss from the original Lineage. Storm Blasters can harness the power of spirits into fast but accurate gun attacks while swiftly moving through the battlefield on top an elemental hoverboard. The Death Knight is a melee magic user with powerful single-handed sword attacks, can transform into an unleashed skeletal monster, and ride a Nightmare Mount. Lineage II Aden will be the first Lineage II service to receive these classes.  
  • Pet Systems: Players can now adopt cuddly yet fearsome pets to join them in battle. Different pets have different skills and abilities, and can be evolved from their base stage through two  different power levels as they fight with you in combat. Players can summon 6 different types of pets, and can equip them with their own gear.  
  • Special Launch Events: To celebrate launch, the “Why Burn” ranking event will be live at launch. Players will compete to obtain a Wyvern flying mount (just one per server). In-game events will happen every week following launch. 
  • Free to play, supported by the L2 Store and L2 Coin Shop: Lineage II Aden will be completely free to play. For players who want to progress faster, items, equipment, supplies, and boost items can be purchased with L2 Coin, which can then be traded with other players, or NCoin, which can be acquired through real money transactions. Players can also purchase items through the L2 Coin Shop for Adena. Adena, various rare items and end-game materials can be acquired through gameplay such as hunting, crafting and boss raids.

Lineage II Aden will launch on August 11, joining Lineage II and Lineage II Classic. Content updates and events will still continue for all three services, with plenty to come in the future. Launch Packs for Lineage II Aden are now live for interested players, and more information about the new classes, new systems, and more are available on the game’s website:

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