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Speak Softly and Carry a Big Scythe – Way of the Reaver is Now Available for Warlocks in the latest Blade & Soul: Endless Night Update

ALISO VIEJO, Calif. – July 14, 2021 – Blade & Soul is giving its Warlock player class a new way to slay in the latest update with the Way of the Reaver specialization. Specialists at doing damage and buffing parties, Warlocks have been a cornerstone of Blade & Soul since they first arrived, but the new spec. literally transforms them into a specter of death. But such unholy power comes at a sacrifice – practitioners of the Way of the Reaver will no longer be able to summon their Thrall, trading it for the ability to enter Reaver Stance and cast damaging skills like Felling Strike and Scythe Rush, while buffing the party at the same time with Warding Strike and Soul Gate. Reap souls and unleash hell! Full details of the new specialization and other updates are available in the patch notes.

Check out the Blade & Soul: Endless Night Update livestrean video HERE.

Warlocks will find the Way of the Reaver an excellent specialization to deal continuous damage and provide powerful party buffs. The Martial Tome Talents allow players to further customize their specialization by choosing skills that allow for more mobility or crowd control. Mastering combos to keep up Reaver Stance – the ability to transform into a reaper of souls – will be the cornerstone of this new specialization. Some skills deplete the amount of time left in the transformation, while other skills add to it. In other words: Reap more souls to reap more damage. 

Blade & Soul: Endless Night is now available to players in North America and Europe for free. To find out more about the Way of the Reaver and additional changes, please visit:

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