Nascence will lurk its way onto PC early 2022

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Nascence, a harrowing atmospheric adventure by developers Dreampainters Software is confirmed for an early 2022 release, experience the nail-biting gameplay this week with an extended demo releasing as part of the Steam Next Fest.

Nascence teaser trailer

Set in the same universe as “Anna”, Nascence sees you playing Thomas, a man on a mission to find the ashes of “Anna”, a woman burnt on the stake as a witch in medieval times.

Exploring the visually striking environments of Reluné, a rural Italian village, you’ll need to piece together the dark ripples of history to uncover secrets that delve even deeper than you could have ever imagined.

Game features

Every puzzle tells a story – Piecing together the mysteries of Reluné will require you to solve thought-provoking puzzles that are fully embedded in the narrative of Nascence.

Friends and Foes – You’ll meet a friend that will help you in your adventure, while an enemy lurks in the shadows to hunt you.

A Dark psychological thriller – The mysteries of Reluné become darker the deeper you explore, full of shocking twists and visceral moments. Nascence is a game built around a story that originated 8 years ago with the release of Anna.

The End is not the End – When you’ve completed the game, the game is not done yet. The second playthrough will feel different.

Stunning Visuals – Nascent provides a true next-gen experience with its graphical fidelity. Offering full ray tracing support, meaning investigating the shadows never looked so good.

The start of a gripping universe – Nascence is the first narrative in the dark psychological anthology titled Anna’s Song, which will progress the original Anna story that started 8 years ago.

Nascence will release on PC via Steam in Q1 2022. Experience the tense atmosphere of Nascence this week with the launch of the extended demo as part of Steam Next Fest. 

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