The Ultimate AAA Gaming Experience Anytime, Anywhere: One-Netbook Announces the Launch of ONE XPLAYER on Indiegogo

  • One-Netbook will launch its newest product ONE XPLAYER, a high-performance handheld game console with a Win 10 System, on Indiegogo on May 10 
  • New game console gives PC game lovers an alternative way of experiencing AAA gaming 
  • ONE XPLAYER is designed to provide players with a more flexible, portable, and space-free handheld PC gaming experience, with its cutting-edge hardware and ergonomic design 

Vancouver & Shenzhen – May 10, 2021. ONE XPLAYER is a powerful new handheld games console designed to play AAA PC-Steam games on the move and that launches on Indiegogo on May 10th

Developed by One-Netbook Technology, a leading portable computing devices company, ONE XPLAYER aims to provide an immersive gaming experience for gamers anytime, anywhere. 

The ONE XPLAYER will be available on May 10th (9:00 a.m. PDT) with super early bird pricing of $899USD on Indiegogo, with retail price expected to be $1,159:  Check it out here

The new console is already turning heads, winning the 2020 Intel Innovation Award at the CTE CEO Summit 2021. 

Redefining the Handheld PC Console 

ONE XPLAYER brings hardcore gamers an unparalleled gaming entertainment with its powerful specs. At the heart of ONE XPLAYER is Intel’s newest model Core i7-1185G7, with this cutting-edge processor allowing the console to handle AAA titles with ease. 

The console features an 8.4-inch Full-HD IPS Display with 2560 x 1600 resolution bringing impressive graphics and taking the handheld gaming experience to a level not experienced before. Meanwhile, the ONE XPLAYER’s large screen with 358 ppi pixel density creates an immersive gaming experience. 

The top-grade 3D speaker embedded in the front of the console means AAA soundtracks and sound effects are crisp and impactful. 

ONE XPLAYER offers three choices of ROM size – 2TB, 1TB and 500GB – to allow for a large number of games to be stored in the console at the same time. 

Ultimate Gaming Experience  

 ONE XPLAYER is designed to set players free from gaming chairs and provide them with uncompromised gaming experience anywhere they go.  

The console features a bracket on the back, which provides firm and stable support for the console when needed. Full-screen games will have no black border in ONE XPLAYER and it is possible to see the screen from any angle. 

ONE XPLAYER’s linear triggers also bring players a completely different level of experience in shooting or sports games. Fast-action games such as NBA 2K21 benefit from the linear triggers, which could effectively help gamers up their gameplay. 

Inspired by Xbox’s ergonomically comfortable controllers, ONE XPLAYER is dedicated to match and even exceed the user experience on the controllers with the optimized position and arcs of buttons to prevent fingers from cramping after extended playtime. The arrangement and radian of ABXY keys is specifically designed to fit into gamers’ palm. 

ONE XPLAYER as a next-generation console delivers flawless gaming experiences to players under various scenarios. ONE XPLAYER has been supported by the leading game publisher Tencent Games during the process of product development and marketing.  

ONE XPLAYER Spec Highlights: 

  • CPU: Intel’s newest model Tiger Lake I7 – The most powerful CPU for gaming 
  • Screen: 2560 x 1600 – The best resolution compared to the competing products 
  • Battery: 15,300mA – 40 mins longer in battery life compared to the competing products 
  • Linear trigger – Features a configuration that optimizes gaming experience, especially in FPS 
  • Double cooling fans – Avoid overheating, reduce the chance of game lag and extend battery life  
  • Ergonomic design – The curving profile and button design are all made for a comfortable gaming experience 
  • USB ports: 2x USB4.0 thunderbolt + 1x USB 3.0  
  • ROM: Available in 2TB, 1TB and 500GB  

Pricing and Availability: 

ONE XPLAYER is now accepting worldwide pre-orders with a super early bird price starting at $899 for the basic model on Indiegogo. It is one of the few crowdfunding products that are expected to be available within one month time after crowdfunding ends. 

More price options could be found on the campaign page at Indiegogo

About One-Netbook Technology: 

One-Netbook Technology is a rapidly growing, tech-driven enterprise based in Shenzhen, China. Spearheaded by its ultra-portable pocket PC OneNetbook, One-Netbook Technology has been committed to designing next-generation handheld PC that satisfies the market needs. Spinning around innovation, One-Netbook has brought 20 small but powerful models to market that are loved by customers over the world.  

In August 2020, One-Gx, the world’s first mini-laptop that features detachable controllers and 5G network capability, joined the arena of cloud and gained steam with its sleek design, performance, and next-generation mobile network capability. Investing heavily in its independent network of Research and Development, Manufacturing, Sales, and Post-sales department, One-Netbook is dedicated to exploring the power of the next-generation PC and creating products that cater for specific industries and applications under various scenarios.