Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid Street Fighter Pack and Super Edition Now Available!

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It’s a big day for Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid as nWay announced that their highly-anticipated Street Fighter Packand digital version of the brand-new Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid – Super Edition, created with their partners at Hasbro and Lionsgate, are now available!

The Street Fighter Pack, featuring Ryu and Chun-Li, is now available for $12.50 across PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Steam, and Stadia. Players can also buy each character individually for $5.99. The Street Fighter Pack contains:

  • Ryu, Crimson Hawk Ranger
  • Chun-Li, Blue Phoenix Ranger
  • Angel Grove Class of 93 skins for both characters

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid – Super Edition, is a collection of all the game’s DLC released thus far, plus the newly announced Street Fighter Pack, along with some exclusive items available only in this very special edition. The Super Edition will launch digitally on May 25 with a physical boxed version to follow in August. The Super Edition will be sold for $49.99 and available on PS4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Steam and Stadia. Upgrade Kits to the Super Edition will also be available to those who already own Battle for the Grid. The Super Edition will contain: 

  • The base Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid game
  • Season One Pass 
  • Season Two Pass 
  • Season Three Pass
  • Street Fighter Pack
  • 4 Bonus Character Skins

For more information, visit battleforthegrid.com.

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