Narrative-driven idle sci-fi game Lightracer: Ignition available now on iOS and Android

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Decide the fate of entire civilizations in this thrilling space adventure

Shenzhen, China, May 24th, 2021 – Indie developer Smartmelon and publisher Ohayoo are excited to announce that their award-winning game Lightracer: Ignition is available on iOS and Android devices. The sci-fi idle game with a heavy focus on story elements is free to download via the App Store and Google Play, and it includes in-game purchases.

In Lightracer: Ignition all matter is slowly being torn apart by the expansion of the universe called the Big Rip. The players will decide the fate of all the civilizations who rely on their help in these trying times, and at the same time follow the story of their struggles during the twilight of the universe.

Players will take control of a high-tech space ark to lead their compatriots to safety, while evolving spectacular technologies, meeting interesting AI characters, and unlocking different stories and modes. Lightracer: Ignition features 9 planets and 10 chapters where player choice has a huge impact on how the story unfolds and determines the endings they will get. The core gameplay is that of an idle game, which provides a relaxing experience, while the immersive storytelling allows the players to read up on all the extensive lore the team prepared.

“What makes our game stand out from other mobile experiences is the emphasis and depth of the story”, said the team at Startmelon. “Lightracer: ignition has a philosophical background and more than 150 thousand words that significantly expand the and deepen the world.”

Alongside the story, players will discover and unlock new gameplay modes while progressing: after starting with collecting energy and building celestial projects, they will fight in interstellar wars and build tower defense structures, and later participate in space wars that offer another layer of complexity. On their journey they will also have the help of three advanced AIs that have different characteristics, and also collect Star Children – iconic figures of various civilizations that further enrich the experience.

“My passion for both game creation and science fiction is what motivated me to make Lightracer: Ignition”, said the game’s producer, Shu Li. “Most of the world view and story setting are born out of our tactical role-playing game experiences and many plots pay tribute to classic sci-fi works such as Blade Runner, Space Odyssey: Voyage to the Planets, Cyberpunk, The Matrix, and The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.”

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About Smartmelon Studio
Based in Shenzhen, China Smartmelon is devoted to making games with themes of life, society, and the universe. Their game series 100 Million Small Goal simulates the life of businessmen in the modernization process and ancient times. Their second game Interworlds won the nomination for the Best VR Game Award of 2017 China IndiePlay. Their newest project, Lightracer: Ignition, won the Best Mobile Game Award of 2020 China IndiePlay.

About Ohayoo
Ohayoo is a leading casual game publishing platform that empowers developers to transform their creativity into chart-topping hits and bring joy to players worldwide. Backed by unique expertise across growing gaming markets in Asia and around the world, Ohayoo offers global publishing capability to optimize value and run effective marketing for game studios of all sizes.  Since launching in 2019, Ohayoo has published 150+ games and achieved 500 million total downloads, with 9 games individually bringing in over $15 million USD in revenue each, and 39 games individually driving revenue over $1.5 million USD each.

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