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Alicante, Spain, April 30, 2021 – Satoshi’s Games has announced that the long-awaited, first-ever NFT marketplace for games based on Bitcoin, Elixir, is now available. The marketplace utilizes the latest technology from the Liquid sidechain, Lightning Network, IPFS and L-SAT to replicate the behavior of NFTs and crypto-collectibles through Bitcoin.

Elixir is live ahead of the launch of a dedicated publishing platform for NFT-compatible games due to the Light Nite community’s request for a system to trade the tokenized in-game gear they acquire from the battle royale third person shooter. The publishing platform will be available later this year. The NFT marketplace may be found at http://market.elixir.app.

Take a look at Elixir’s magic in motion with the trailer below:

“The NFTs in our titles aren’t just collectibles,” explains Carlos Roldan at Satoshi’s Games. “We want our players to have greater control and ownership of their in-game items while still being able to use them on the digital battlefield.”

Satoshi’s Games’ Light Nite allows players to collect bitcoin just to stack sats or to obtain in-game gear that’s been tokenized with Liquid (a Bitcoin sidechain). NFTs may be earned while playing, purchased or traded in the Elixir marketplace. Users can also withdraw NFTs to their own wallet if they prefer to custody them. 

The Elixir marketplace will eventually become part of Satoshi’s Games’ greater Elixir publishing platform, due out later this year. The platform will allow any developer to publish games with features such as bitcoin Micro-Rewards and Asset Tokenization. These features have already been implemented in Light Nite, meaning fans of the title already have access to the marketplace.  

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About Satoshi’s Games
Founded in 2018, Satoshi’s Games is pioneering the micro-reward gaming industry by creating games and gaming platforms, enabling a new level of interaction between gamers and developers. Bitcoin micropayments, tokenized items and improved security will give users greater confidence to manage their assets and empower developers/publishers to offer consumers higher value.

About Elixir
Elixir is the first Bitcoin native platform for game distribution. Since the presentation of the first lightning-based micro-rewards gaming platform in 2018 as a proof of concept, Satoshis Games has been working to offer the game developer industry a place where any studio can easily integrate bitcoin-based rewards and tokenization, and safely distribute their products to the gaming community. This multi-genre platform will also provide users with a framework to intuitively manage their sat balance and tokenized gear for all of their games in a single place.

About Light Nite
Light Nite is a multiplayer  battle royale third-person shooter title with in-game bitcoin rewards and a beautiful, minimalistic and cartoonish design. Bitcoin microtransactions add a new level of interaction, as players can earn bitcoin instantly when they shoot opponents and withdraw balances whenever they wish. All in-game items have a real value that players can gift or trade, allowing them to feel in control of their gaming world.

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