Castle Flipper will launch on PC on May 27th and give a whole new meaning to the saying, “my home is my castle.”

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Build from scratch, clean, repair, renovate, and decorate your very own castle. Or a shed, barn, palace or even a pirate ship! Whatever makes you happy as the royal craftsman you’re about to become in Castle Flipper. The game will launch on Steam on May 27th and later on Xbox One, Series X/S, and PlayStation 4 & 5.

Take the unique chance of becoming a medieval royal craftsman. Build your royal abode, re-arrange the castle at your discretion, breathe a whole new life into the old rooms, and, one day, maybe even become a king.

Add the game to your wishlist on Steam (, follow it on social media, and have an impact on the game’s discount at launch! Reaching 5,000 followers will guarantee a 10% launch discount, with 5,500 giving a 15% discount and 6,000 meaning 20% off at the time of launch!


Castle Flipper takes place at the turn of the 16th and 17th century, which is of significant importance to the decor and renovation options gamers will have at their disposal. Next to the usual medieval buildings, they will also be able to find some baroque and renaissance elements that will add variety to the gameplay and give players more options for interior decoration.

Become a medieval builder – build your own kingdom and customize it to your liking. Start with your own inherited piece of bare land, then work as a craftsman to clean, repair, build, and decorate medieval, renaissance, and baroque buildings and castles. Visit beautiful locations, work hard, and maybe one day the saying “my home is my castle” will have a literal meaning to your royal self.


  • Explore new locations. The piece of land you’ve inherited is only the beginning. Complete quests, and you’ll get the chance to visit many beautiful lands, filled not only with castle chambers to repair but also sheds, barns, huts, houses, mansions, palaces, and even pirate ships!
  • Become a designer. Building your castle from scratch is one thing. It’s another thing entirely to make sure its interiors and exteriors are equally impressive. Choose and plant trees in the courtyard and place animals in the crofts. Decide on the shapes and designs of flags and pennants, and make sure your creation will be one of a kind.
  • Build, demolish, repeat. Some designs look great on paper but fail to impress in real life. So, what if you’re not happy with your work? Destroy what you’ve built, see how everything collapses spectacularly, and then start all over.
  • Manage reconstruction. Building your own castle is a completely different challenge from renovating something that was once a castle. It’ll take a lot of effort to rebuild destroyed walls or repair shattered walls, bridges, or towers. You’ll have to take a completely different approach to bring the conquered castle back to its former glory.

Castle Flipper is being developed by Pyramid Games and will be published on Steam on May 27th by Gaming Factory and Ultimate Games. The game will also come to Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PlayStation 4 & 5 at a later date.

For more information about the game, please visit the official website and Facebook.

About Pyramid Games
Founded in 2012, Pyramid Games is a game development studio consisting of developers passionate about video games, science, and science fiction. Their upcoming games focus on the topic of exploring the unknown and are the source of both fun and knowledge.

About Gaming Factory
Gaming Factory was founded in 2017. Their main goal is to find unique game ideas, support creative indie developers, and help them at every stage of the production process. Gaming Factory S.A. is a game publisher of gamers’ needs. Currently, the company is working on more than 25 games.

About Ultimate Games
Ultimate Games S.A. is a Polish company that was established in 2015 in Warsaw. It was founded by Mateusz Zawadzki – an entrepreneur and lawyer whose passion is fishing. Currently, the company employs more than a dozen people who work simultaneously on several productions. Developer teams work in offices in Katowice, Cracow, and Warsaw.

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