Beat the Beat Up! Coming to Steam May 15

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VR action rhythm game

Auburn, CA –May 14, 2021– Indie game development studio Juggernaut Entertainment will be releasing their VR action rhythm game Beat the Beat Up! tomorrow on Steam.

In Beat the Beat Up!, you fight to the beat as the star of your very own Bollywood blockbuster! The local don has sent out his goons to terrorize the locals, and just like any good desi hero, you are the only one that can stop them.

Beat the Beat Up! allows you to battle waves of over 100 goons as you protect the village and its residents. Feel the music as your punches generate beats that correspond with sections of the song. Prove that you’ve got what it takes to impress the critics. Rack up your score, clear the streets and save the village as you Beat the Beat Up! 


  • Immerse yourself in a beautiful village that feels like it was ripped straight out of a Bollywood classic.
  • Watch how enemies affect the environment around them as they slam into walls and crash into nearby objects.
  • Your punches generate beats that correspond with sections of the song, making the combat a tool to create an audible crescendo
  • Try and find all the easter eggs and references to Bollywood hidden throughout the world!
  • Play repeatedly to improve your rank and see how the critics review your performance, with 8 possible responses.
  • Boost your score by aiming punched enemies towards bonus explosives spread across the level. Every great action movie needs that visual flare!
  • Watch your hands come alive with fire as you unleash epic combos!

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About Juggernaut Entertainment
Juggernaut Entertainment is committed to bringing thought-provoking entertainment to the world across a multitude of platforms. Located in Los Angeles, they are a new studio that focuses on bringing projects from newly established developers to fruition. Each game they pitched is carefully considered, only chosen if it brings something truly new to the art of games.

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