Action RPG Xuan Yuan Sword 7 Gets New Gameplay Trailer

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Video highlights enemies, locations, upgrade mechanics and more!

Today we released a new trailer for Xuan Yuan Sword 7, the latest game in the legendary Chinese RPG series that’s making its console debut in the west this summer. It includes new gameplay footage from the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions of the game, including enemies, bosses, locations, puzzles, the upgrade system, as well as some story tidbits:

About Xuan Yuan Sword 7

The console versions of Xuan Yuan Sword 7 were announced at the end of April as a collaborative effort between eastasiasoft, SOFTSTAR, and DOMO Studio, and will be coming soon to console players in the west for the first time in the history of this 30-year-old saga.

In the newest installment of the series, players will follow the standalone story of Taishi Zhao and enjoy dynamic, real-time combat, which makes Xuan Yuan Sword 7 the perfect entry point for new players. 

A retail edition will be available exclusively from Maximum Games. Pre-order here:

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