A Battle of Titans in World of Warships: Legends

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Snipe with Champagne, decide the ultimate battle between Godzilla & Kong, all while researching new Bureau Ships. 

May 18th – The May update to World of Warships: Legends has come in hot with a new campaign, the Godzilla vs. Kong collaboration, two new Legendary tier ships in the Bureau, Ranked battles seasons and plenty of balance changes.

Firstly, the new “Tall Glass of Victory” campaign features the Tier VII French Battleship Champagne, a long-range specialist of a battleship armed with six high velocity 16-inch (406 mm) guns that are tailor-made for nailing enemy ships from miles away. Coupled with excellent speed, Champagne allows you position carefully for shelling the enemy. However, the catch is that Champagne’s armor is quite thin for a battleship. Clever positioning and good aim will help captains get the most out of this warship. Players will have 5 weeks to complete the 100 milestones of the campaign, earning plenty of boosters and other rewards all along the way. 

The awaited Godzilla vs. Kong collaboration is here throughout the update! Players can get their hands on two exclusive Commanders and Battleships for Team Kong and Team Godzilla along with cosmetic items to show their allegiance to either one of the Titans. Epitomizing the Apex Predator, there is the battleship Primal along with a Kong Commander, with the Battleship Heat Ray and a Godzilla commander representing the King of Nature. They will be available in the in-game shop throughout the next five weeks. 

A speed-demon and a fire-slinging light cruiser join the ranks of Legendary Tier ships available through the Bureau. The high speed Klėber boasts an absurd base speed of 44 knots, and that’s before her engine boost! The ultimate representation of a French large destroyer, Klėber was to be the first of an improved type of Mogador-class destroyers with greater anti-aircraft firepower. Her heavy guns and high speed make her a real menace in the right hands. The American light cruiser Worcester is joining the Legendary cruiser ranks thanks to her twelve auto-loading 6-inch (152 mm) guns capable of use against both enemy ships and aircraft. Legendary Tier ships take some time to research and unlock, so eager captains should get started early on the new projects.

Ranked battles are returning with two new seasons, each will be a 12-day sprint with a new format for leagues and ship tiers. In essence, things will become more difficult as players progress—the ship tier will increase, there will be fewer players in each battle, and less players among the losing team will keep their ranked star after the battle. This will keep things interesting throughout the Ranked Sprint and make the climb a bit more challenging. Not to mention, there have been a ton of changes to various cruisers and destroyers to help them in battle, be sure to read the update patch notes for more details. 


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