Sci-fi Grand Space Simulation Game Infinite Lagrange launches Today

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Explorers can now start their journey into the depths of space, take part in epic space battles and become the universe’s greatest star commander

Guangzhou, China, 21st April 2021 – NetEase Games proudly announces that its Sci-fi grand space simulation game Infinite Lagrange makes its debut for mobile devices and PC in Europe today. Finally, explorers can take control of their ship and venture to the unknown in beautiful movie-like 3D graphics on their mobile devices and PCs. The game is available now on the  App Store and Google Play. The PC version can be downloaded on the official Infinite Lagrange Website.

One beacon, one resonance… changed everything. The invention of the Lagrangian system allowed the spark of civilization to expand from the earth to the universe, creating a developed interstellar civilization with spaceships as its main warfare force and shuttling through stargates throughout the universe. This rapid and aggressive expansion of humanity led to the rise and fall of countless civilizations and empires. Eventually the Lagrange Network fell victim to the wars being waged in the universe and it was shattered into pieces.

This is where the explorers embark on their adventure with nothing more than a small ship. Step by step they have to build a little base, expand their space stations and improve their ships with new construction options and upgrades, with the goal of creating the most impressive fleet in the whole universe.

Ships can be modified to the explorers’ liking, making their vessels truly unique. In time, everyone in the universe may immediately recognize or even fear their mighty fleet approaching them. But not only their ships can be moved freely through the universe – the base can also be sent to every location where it is needed. The sight of a fully upgraded space fortress will undoubtedly be one to behold.

Some of the key features of Infinite Lagrange include:

Leaving a mark on the universe: Explorers expand and add new constructions to their base to allow it to carry more weight into the intergalactic ship.

Individualizing the fleet: Explorers choose from a myriad of ships and aircrafts, each with their own weapon and armor systems, and customize them to their liking with specific modifications and by doing research to unlock new technologies or even new ship

Infinite Lagrange also offers fun community activities to keep things fresh, some of them even offering exciting rewards. In the Lagrange Scenery Collection explorers may take screenshots of their ships and fleets, as they journey through space and share them with other members of the community to compete with them on who has the largest armada or the most impressive ships. Space battles can be recorded in the Lagrange Battle Report Collection and can even be featured on the official website, offering an opportunity for explorers to immortalize themselves in the annals of Lagrange history. The most exciting feature activity comes in the form of the Lagrange Archives Collection which allows community members to share their own second stories based on the universe of Infinite Lagrange. Excellent stories have a chance to be featured on the official website and will also be rewarded with useful in-game content.

Infinite Lagrange is available now in Europe on mobile devices and PC. Click the link to the App Store or Google Play to start playing on your phone or download the PC version from our official Infinite Lagrange Website.

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