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Limited-Time Holiday Events and Official Second Awakening for Characters Await Players

LOS ANGELES – APRIL 14, 2021 – The latest update for Netmarble’s popular mobile MMORPG Lineage 2: Revolutiondelivers supernatural delights to its players as the game’s Onmyoji Update can now be experienced by up-and-coming adventurers and high-level heroes. In-game activities, event rewards, and event dungeons will be open to players from April 14 – May 25.

Today’s update brings the Yokai Valley to Lineage 2: Revolution, where total of six Onmyoji regions will open for players to exploreduring the event period.In addition to region-specific field bosses to face, there is a series of five-man party Onmyoji Dungeons, with each dungeon sporting different concepts and rules to keep in mind. During the event period, players can collect different-colored Spirits through Onmyoji Field Hunting and Dungeon Clearing, which can be exchanged for items like Onmyoji-themed Agathion at the Spirit Store.

Other events that are live include:

  • 14-Day Check-In: Players can receive rewards just by logging into the game. New and returning players can earn a fully enhanced UR-grade Red Weapons and armor set, while existing players can receive up to 300 LR Crafting Materials Summon Box.  Other rewards include a maximum reward of 4x +40 Equipment Enhancement Scrolls, Onmyoji Costumes, and more.
  • Yokai Race: There is a new game where players can race against others with in-game Yokai. Prizes include an Onmyoji Artifact Summon Box, and a LR Crafting Material Summon Box among other rewards.

High-level players can also look forward to Lineage 2: Revolution‘s Second Awakening mechanic. By activating your character’s second awakening, they can now equip Belts, which can enhance rare skills. Each rare skill also has specialized belts, which can be further enhanced for stronger skill power. In addition, Studs can be added to belts for further customization and empowerment. Second awakening is now open for players who cleared the Schuttgart region’s main quests.

Lineage 2: Revolution is a groundbreaking MMORPG bringing top-quality visuals, a massive open world and large-scale PvP to mobile devices. Powered by the Unreal Engine, the game features stunning visuals and large-scale open-world combat where up to 200 players can battle in real-time on a single screen – all in a gorgeous, fully featured, persistent world MMORPG that can be enjoyed alongside millions around the world and all within the palm of your hands.

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