World of Tanks Blitz Celebrates the Release of Girls und Panzer das Finale: Part III with Themed Tanks

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Tankers can bring the silver screen heroes home with them and lead them on the virtual battlefield!

The latest film in the Girls und Panzer das Finale series hits Japanese cinemas on March 26th and to mark this momentous occasion, World of Tanks Blitz is bringing back the entire Girls und Panzer collection for a limited time only. Girls und Panzer fans, tankers and cinephiles will be able to take their favourite vehicles from the silver screen release and lead them into battle in World of Tanks Blitz!

The Girls und Panzer collection includes:

·         The Firefly Saunders SP: Commanded by the gum-chewing Naomi in the anime, this is the first tank from the Saunders University High School to join World of Tanks Blitz. A British medium, it boasts the most accurate gun and the highest penetration among its Tier VI brethren. Bundle also includes the Naomi avatar.
·         The IS-2 Pravda SP: A representative of Pravda Girls High School and a staple in Katyusha’s fleet, this Soviet vehicle is a perfect mix of armour, maneuverability and firepower. Bundle also includes the Nonna avatar.
·         The Hetzer Kame SP: Originally a Panzer 38(t), this TD was converted into a Hetzer by Ooarai Girls Academy’s Anzu Kadotani. The main vehicle of Turtle Team, the Hetzer Kame proved pivotal in their battle against Kuromorimine. Bundle also includes the Anzu Kadotani avatar.
·         The Tiger Kuromorimine SP: An iconic WWII vehicle, in the Girls und Panzer universe it represents Kuromorimine Girls Academy. Commanded by Maho Nishizumi, who also is the leader of her school’s Sensha-dō team, the Tiger Kuromorimine SP is a crucial part of the academy’s arsenal. Bundle also includes the Maho Nishizumi avatar.
·         The Panzer IV Ankou: Representing Anglerfish Team of Ooarai Girls Academy, the Panzer IV Ankou is commanded by Maho’s younger sister, Miho. Don’t let the cute pink anglerfish on the tank and Miho’s polite demeanour fool you, this medium tank is ready to fight! It’s even boasts performance equal to the Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf.D’s real-life successor, the Pz.Kpfw. IV Ausf.H. Bundle also includes the Miho Nishizumi avatar.

The Girls und Panzer bundles also feature great discounts, ranging from 65% to 80% off the 5-tank collection set. All five Girls und Panzer vehicles will be available in the in-game store from March 26th through April 9th. For more information, visit

Girls und Panzer das Finale: Part III is in cinemas in Japan on March 26th.

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