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The World of Steel, War, and Magic Looking to Embrace Community Feedback for Summer Launch

Florida, USA – March 17th 2021, Independent developer Poleaxe Games today announced that its action RPG, Empire of Ember will be coming to PC earlier than previously announced. Empire of Ember enters Steam early access for PC on March 31st, 2021, and will be offering a launch week discount for early adopters of the game.

Empire of Ember is fully playable, with the opportunity to play through dungeons, overland combat, siege combat, and certain major campaign missions. Empire of Ember intends to stay in Steam early access until the summer, with developer Poleaxe Games utilizing community and player feedback to further hone the game before its full launch later in 2021.”We can complete all current features in about three months with an additional three months of balancing and testing. However, it’s important to us to hear from the community and incorporate that feedback into the game. We’d rather take extra time to make sure the whole experience is as fun as possible. Community feedback will help us determine what to prioritize.” Said Kevin Jenkins, CEO of Poleaxe Games.

Blending first-person ranged, melee, and magical combat, Empire of Ember will  include a light RTS strategic element, allowing players to unleash the might of an army of NPCs to fight alongside in hundred-unit battles. The games narrative is tied into the game’s persistent world from a script by former Telltale Games lead writer Patrick Kevin Day. Additionally the game also allows players to design, decorate and defend their own fully destructible 3D kingdoms that they can also explore in first person.

During its early access phase, Poleaxe Games plans to post regular development updates to the games website with plans to offer a new forum specifically for their early access users. Poleaxe Games is looking to gain constructive feedback in order to put the finishing touches to the game and invites players to join its Discord page here.

To find out more about Empire of Ember or to wishlist the game, visit the Empire of Ember Steam Page here.

Check out Empire of Embers Gameplay trailer here:

About Poleaxe Games

Poleaxe GamesLLC is a new studio, founded in 2017 developing an original and innovative action RPG Empire of Ember for PC. It was founded by Kevin Jenkins, the original developer of RakNet.

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